"We're here to release our regrets and instill neutrality into our neurology. We're here to harmonize the negative until we reveal our finest qualities. We're here to remember that the wisdom we've gained is lifting us into more refined dimensions of self-mastery." - Elena Brower

April 2017

Navel power. Third chakra. I AM ABLE.

1. Transformation. Commitment. "A person with a well-developed third chakra is usually energetic, organized, and goal-oriented with a powerful projection. Willpower. Commitment, personal strength. Stamina... A person with a strong navel center has control over his actions, and it is said that the fire of the navel can be used to purify and burn away old patterns of behavior, old habits." ~ Gurmukh, 8 Human Talents

2. "The lower 3 chakras relate to innate biological drives critical for survival. Inner organs are soft-bodied and covered in thin membranes. Under threat, the motility of the inner organs is disturbed and the porous, absorbent nature of the organs is limited and they grow tense and limit their vitality. To foster greater emotional intelligence it is necessary to open pathways of feeling into the viscera." Tias Little, The Belly Brain p 125 = deep, mobile, belly breathing

3. Nourishment - disassembling and reordering what we eat to create cells, energy, and waste. None of it is conscious. Gut intelligence. Body intelligence. Pranic intelligence. We are nourished, fed, contributed to, integrated with - so too we nourish our context with our abilities.

4. "You have power. Get out of your issues. Get into your power." - Guru Singh

PLAYLIST: har har by alexia chellun, akaal by ajeet kaur, hold on by east forest, snow day by pete kuzma, priceless by dr toast, emerge by east forest, beads on the wind by the human experience, beijing by rocket empire, devi prayer by craig pruess, stars by yosi hoikawa