Audio Meditations

Choose one of the following that suits your needs. Set aside your phone or anything that may call your attention away. Give yourself all your attention. 

Start in a seated, upright posture with bolster or in a chair for support. Let your spine be tall, resting the crown of your head over the base of your seat.

This is the meditation that concludes our March 2018 Kundalini sequence. A simple body scan followed by releasing all that is not you. Essential for our non-stop modern lives. Be guided to peel back the layers and set aside what isn't You.  Enjoy xx

Meditation on the breath is the oldest meditation that crosses all traditions because we all have breath, we all have a need for quiet. This is a great meditation to start from if you are a beginner. Enjoy!

Yoga Nidra means 'yogic sleep', the place between sleeping and waking. It is the tonic to an overstimulated or overhurried day. Take 10 minutes to be guided into restored quiet instead of an afternoon snack or coffee.

Do this meditation in your bed before sleeping to decrease restlessness during the night and to feel more fully rested in the morning. Rest well!

Yoga Nidra is yogic 'sleep'. Relaxation of the physical body, a breath practice, and a meditation all slowly and systematically assembled to bring you ease and vitality. Great for when you are ill or depleted.

When you are deeply tired, overworked, or need to reestablish a larger, unhurried breath, this is the technique to use. 4 simple stages to start right where you are, fill up and expand, and diminish back into total calm and ease.