Mantra Made Manifest

From a recent FaceBook post regarding the June chant that accompanies our sequence:

I know that more people read my post on chanting than came to class today. I'm ok with that. It would've been really crowded if you'd all made it a priority and came to Fed HIll this morning. However, I'm just saying, I'm manifesting my ASS OFF this afternoon as a result of the chanting this morning and if you want some of your own, come next Sunday @ 9 am, YogaWorks Fed Hill.

The more you practice, the better the result, like anything. But there are 2 more Sundays in June to come and soak in your sound. Raise your vibration. Shift your response to your own resistance.

This is the one Kundalini mantra that comes with a warning: What you think at the conclusion will come to pass. Plan for this! Choose what you would inhabit, enact, bring forth, receive. One simple declarative sentence. Keep that in your pocket. Full chant is 21 minutes, but do what you can. Then lie back and feel the echo of the vibration of your sound move through you. On each inhalation soak in your sentence. Draw it into your breath, lungs, blood, cells, self. Then head into your work. 

Get available; write, practice, work, love, parent, garden, cook. Whatever it is that is a container for you to manifest your intention through, get at it. And see what happens.

It moves through me. Magic, I tell you. Try it yourself. It's the only way to know. Sunday 9 am @ Fed Hill, or here's a link to my favorite recording you can use it at home. Enjoy, my loves xx