Keep It and Be Kept Up!

"Beautiful, beautiful things will come out of your bravery." -Taryn Toomey

See that band on my finger?

That's the "Did It" ring.

I have one. My mom has the other. They are thick and heavy, Mexican silver. A physical reminder that we can do it. Large or small, personal or public, we made it through.

There are times when you put out all you've got and no one else knows your effort, but you did it. There are times when you are tired and finished and still there is more to go and you don't know what to call on to get it done. 

There are difficult decisions. There are breakups, illnesses, losses, and hard truths to be told. Maybe slowly. Maybe tenderly. Maybe with all the intelligence and ferocity you can muster. Maybe with a posse or maybe on your own. Maybe with prayer or silence or breath. The only way to make it through is to do it. 

This month we practice the Keep Up Spirit kriya in our Kundalini class. Its gestures move us - from our fingertips right out through the toes and then back again. Over and over we find our way forward through what may be physically challenging, what may be unfamiliar and raise resistance, but what rewards us so thoroughly at the end because we didn't give up.

The more we do and face firmly what we would rather turn from, the more we keep up, the more progress we make. We set an example, we speak a truth that others needed to hear but couldn't say for themselves. We ask for help. We dig deep and surprise ourselves with what we find and the power we possess that without challenge we would never know.

Rather than wait for distress or disaster, bring it on, lean into it on the mat, and grow steady with the emotions and the strength you find. Practice the Keep Up Spirit.

"Keep up and you will be kept up," was a favourite quote of Yogi Bhajan. If we take action and see it through, something greater will come to us. From inside or from outside. You can consider it the astonishing quality of evolution to flood our brains with endorphins when we maintain a physical effort. You may believe there are cosmic forces beyond us that affect us, supporting us with a current of energy and attention whether we believe or not. 

My wish to you is that you have a spirit that whispers, "I did it" at the end of the day. So many ways: Clean the garage. Start a band. Start your own life again. Return the call you've been avoiding. Be held and tended until you are well again. This sequence will surprise you and carry you. 

I will see you in class. You matter. Come practice.

Much love, as ever, Martha


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