What Did You Get?

Dear Ones,

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 3.33.48 PM.png

November's sequence has concluded. 22 poses and 22 pauses.

It clarified my movement from my stillness.
Now, when I'm moving, I move; when I'm resting, I rest.
It amplified my ability to release my efforts instead of carrying forward their fatigue as stress.
In my finding skill of releasing in rest, I released what had haunted me or held me back.
It concentrated my actions so I converse more attentively.
It stood me at my edge and let me rest there, showing that I had more in me than I realized.
It gave me stamina to continue when I thought giving up was my only option.

I found my choices to be easier.
I found my habits could be rearranged more easily. 

I am sound and settled at the end.
Ready to move forward into the fresh start of December.

Pause a moment. What did you get? Can you feel it? Want more?
Keep coming. Join me. Please.
I couldn't have found this alone - wouldn't want to - thank you for your beautiful company.
See you on the mat or online.

Much love xx martha

Jan 1 6-8pm @FedHill Kundalini by Candlelight || Register here
Come for an all-levels practice only by candlelight. Start your year by shaking off what's unnecessary and building the ability to claim your path for the year ahead. We will practice kriya and pranayama/breath. We will collect inspiration with a curated wall display that you can shape to your interests and take home as inspiration. Curious? Come check it out Jan 1. Bring friends. Start your year bright! 

Jan 13 noon-3pm WANDERLUST book group starts up again || Register here
For 8 Saturdays we will gather noon-3pm to work our way through the 8 chapters of the book compiled by the creators of the international Wanderlust yoga festivals. We will cover the history of yoga, the foundations of its philosophy, how the philosophy relates to the postures and practices we use in the studio, and how to meaningfully bring it all into your modern day life. Each week there is lecture, conversation, asana practice, writing and meditation training. This session will have a larger focus on mediation that the summer session so come if you are looking to establish a sound foundation or extend your meditation practice. All levels welcome. Come for one or come for all. Looking forward to seeing you xx

Power of Prana 100 hour training Spring 2018 dates ||  Register here
4 weekends: March 9,10,11 || April 6,7,8 || April 27,28,29 || May 18,19,20
Friday 6:30-9:30pm, Saturday 12:30-6:30pm, Sunday 10-3pm

For your holiday wish lists: Want to build or give a 40 day practice of online asana, kriay, pranayama, and meditation all to build specific states and outcomes? Curious? check it out HERE. Live on Monday, Dec 4. Details coming... or peek HERE