Are You Getting What You Need?

This week it took me until Friday 4:37 pm to finally lie down and tend to myself as I'd planned since our Sunday afternoon together.

It took time.
It took frustration with myself.
And then some forgiveness.
It took 2 interrupted false starts.
And then I found my way to the sweetest 20 minutes of yoga Nidra I could imagine.

It was exactly what I needed.

Dear Ones - listen to what you need. Listen to what calls you. And DONT GIVE UP. day after day keep putting it in your plans. It might get away. It might seem impossible. Keep making time for what matters.

I had to get so many things out of the way first - laundry, groceries, cat litter, keep teaching, keep answering email, keep working with Jordan on the Next Big Thing, keep homeschool lessons going - we all have a list. Each day I would recommit to getting to stillness in the afternoon.

I knew it mattered because I had done it before when I had more time, less dire need. Test out what you need before you Need it. I am skilled at yoga Nidra - can call it into each system, bones and blood and cells and soul - because I've taken the time to do it consistently, over a period of time, and with devotion.

Remember that from our reading of the Sutras? To achieve something do it: 1. over time, 2. uninterrupted, 3. with devotion. Then you will be able to call on it when you like. It will be a part of you, ready to serve and guide.

Maybe you need a walk, a hug, a conversation, a book, time to cook or make order. Mostly our hurried days need space to pause, slow down, enjoy each step of the way.

Let me know how it goes xxx m