How To Know When Enough Is Enough?

Dear Ones,

I made you something. I made you a practice.

Actually, I made you three. 3 asana practices for when moving serves you. 3 kundalini practices for when you need to shift or restart your energy. 3 breath practices and 3 meditations to settle and for your mind. The trick is to get them to you.

I've had amazing help. I have also had people standing beside with with credit cards ready to dive in right then. Such wonderful support. All the right things. But here's the thing...

To get it finished and online and easy for you to access was harder than I'd imagined.
Squeezing the work into days already full of teaching and learning was painful.

It tipped my scale.
It capsized my boat.
It started to erode the quality of the training to come this weekend.
I became cranky with my kids, hurried in my activities, my energy and interest felt flat and tight.

I simply didn't enjoy my own sweet company the way really love to.

So I had stop. to pause. To have the scary, painful, conversation I'd pushed aside and labeled failure because I'd thought we could pull it off.

In my 100 hour training we spend time every weekend talking and writing and considering, "How do I feel?"

This is the foundation of our choices. Do I feel lonely? If so, no amount of food will feed my spirit - even though I've tried often to fill my heart with food. Do I feel tired? Then doubling down on my exercise and effort won't chase fatigue away. When we come to really know how we feel, we can decide if that's how we want to feel and direct our energies towards true fulfillment.

I want to feel strong and whole and generous.
That means I need more time in my day, in my week, in each project.

I'll get it to you. I'll tell you when it's ready (soon, so soon).
I'm thrilled to share it with you. Just need a moment. 

In the meantime, take this lesson and think for yourself "How do I want to feel?" What do I desire? Give yourself permission to make the change that's needed to feel whole. I give you this lesson; the daring, the vulnerability of trying but not quite making it as planned. I give you the model of someone giving themselves permission publicly to pause. To breathe. To make progress in a way that heals all their relations. This is the power of my prana: The courage to listen, to feel, to respond, to speak. So I can be sound and whole and peaceful - SVASTA: centered in my self.

Come share a weekend with me to know more.
New spring dates for the training are below. Choose one weekend or all of them. 
I look forward to your company.

Or maybe I look forward to your absence even more, as you take the time to be exactly where you need to be. 

Much love and more to come,
Class schedule I will be away Sunday December 17 for the 8-9am kundalini class. Crystal Crisp will stand in my place. Keep coming to your practice whoever is leading you. I'll be back for all other December Sundays.

Kundalini By Candlelight is January 1 6-8pm. If you can't find it on the schedule, keep in mind it is a workshop, not a class, located at Federal Hill. Or you can register right here.

Wanderlust book group starts Saturday January 13 noon - 3pm at Federal Hill and meets for 8 Saturdays. We work our way through the 8 chapters of the book compiled by the people who founded the international Wanderlust yoga festivals. We cover philosophy, history, lineage, and modern yoga perspectives. We practice. We have time to write and reflect. We will also have the last 30 minutes of each Saturday devoted to building and establishing your meditation practice. Useful for total beginners and avid practitioners. Register here for all or one weekend. Full descriptions of the particulars of each weekend will be up on my weekend schedule by next week. 

Spring 2018 Power of Prana is now 4 weekends! A little more space in the schedule gives us more time to cover what previous trainings have covered more thoroughly and with less student fatigue. I want to keep improving what I offer, informed by each experience. Check out descriptions of each weekend and the full dates here