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Dear Ones,

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Everything takes an effort - be it enjoyable effort or be it arduous.

Any as we move through our days we can be overwhelmed by all the efforts we make. We are busy and complex. At the end of the day we are tempted to fall into the embrace of our couch or bath and feel most clearly the residue of our effort rather than the reason for our effort. 

You took effort to walk your dog, who now rests happily at your feet. Rest in her contented company. You took effort to stay with a charged conversation with a smile, with listening and attention. Rest in your ability and your intention. You took effort to get out for a walk, to get to your practice, to move your life forward with action or inward with awareness or outward with daring. Rest in who you are.

You didn't do it for the effort it took (though that may have brought its own gifts of strength or confidence or grit). You did it for the outcome. So rest in the outcome. Rest you physical body at the end of the day, at the end of the moment, and deepen your breathing and look with love at the outcome you made. 

When we work our November sequence we stay with it 2-3 minutes at time. We stay with it, easy or hard, and then we rest in the outcome. We receive. We practice to remember how to be with ourselves and allow the effort to melt quietly into the background as what we've made shines on.

What have you done today that really mattered to you?
Hold it in your heart as your rest your good feet and heart.
Breathe in - for just a minute - what you've truly made and are glad for. It's all yours. Let the rest fade away. Call in what's your to keep.

Much love,
Martha xx

"Look closer
and you will see
this blessing is not finished,

that you are part
of the path
it is preparing,

that you are how
this blessing means to be a voice within the wilderness

and a welcome
for the way."

~ Jan Richardson