BREAKING NEWS | How wrong I was (in the best of ways)


Dear Ones!


I realize I just wrote to you about how I had to pause the 40 day practice project this morning.

But God bless Donna Naslund for being the first to head right in and buy herself a copy. Thank you.  

Jordan Block did heroic work designing the pages, cajoling me when I thought it was impossible, and solving it all behind the scenes. I had no idea it was about to come together as it did. 
Thank you.

So please - feel free to take a look. To buy one. To buy all three. Focus in or mix and match.
40 days for $40. But they never expire. Yours to keep. RISE. FOCUS. RETURN. This is where we start.

The idea was to give you tools to choose from so that every day you could decide if you wanted to do vinyasa, kundalini, breath, or meditation or any combination of these. Whatever you choose it will create consistency in your energy. You have 4 options with which to meet each day, again and again, 40 times over. 

A forty day practice of anything will affect your life. And these forty day practices will ideally be what creates  an experience of the power of consistency. As well as the support I provide in the sequence  instruction and the printable pdf that goes with each practice. 

That said, if your forty days has some gaps in it, persevere. It all matters. Keep at it. Send me questions. Tell me when you are stuck. Tell me how it can be improved. Tell me what other topics you would like me to provide in the next round of three and we will keep building the library for you.

Much love, many thanks.
I am smiling. Such things.
Martha xx