Family in February - bits + pieces

It is in family that we most clearly feel our flaws. It is in family that we are given the love and the provocation to find our way towards evolution.

Dear Ones,
This latest newsletter is made of 4 bits and pieces (in particular on family). Answers to questions I've fielded of late. Take what you will, release the others. There are four little thoughts to consider. See if any suit you - explore the links - find inspiration. And please keep bringing me questions. The answer is likely to serve far more than just you. xx
Magnetism. Two or more souls interacting, the strongest emotional magnet will draw the others into its field. You can get into it with energetics and the aura, or you can think about it as microbes and contagion in our micro-biome or you can consider it a Jedi mind trick. Whatever you believe in, the truth is we influence each other. Meet me with a smile, with a positive perspective, and you will influence my perspective. Meet me with anger and my anger will rise to meet yours.

Yoga can help us stabilize our response and be less effected by others, but if there is an outcome and a state of mind you want from an interaction, set it in place first, draw it up and out of your conversation. Be the stronger magnet. (use the Force) Our practice and our discipline to stay with it over time builds our frequency and this will influence those around you more than you realize.
February needs something cozier than green juice + smoothies. Consider cooked breakfasts until full spring arrives. Balance out the fresh with the cooked and you will find a greater sense of grounding and steadiness if you have felt overwhelmed at all lately. I've been late in remembering this until suddenly (is and happily) brought back to earth by a good bowl of brown rice and nuts.
Recently, there have been a number of people asking me about family, why I homeschool, where I get inspiration, etc. I write/read/think about family because I have kids and I am trying to do a good job with that. Because fundamentally it teaches me how to love without sneaky habitual conditions ("I'll love your IF you do what I want") and how to keep company more gracefully a moment at a time. 

For me, FAMILY = a. those we love, b. relations that shape and support us. These are ideas about relationships of all ages. About showing up. About connection. About conflict and forgiveness. No matter who we are we have FAMILY because we are in relationship with the others in this world and we can stand to consider and inquire as to how to hold up our end of the daughter/father/friend/lover/student/teacher/stranger-for-now equation. So, for any of the links that follow, you can substitute the person in your life that you would hone your relationship with; child, parent, friend, or colleague. All of these are just versions of our connections.

We mean something to someone. We matter. Make your mattering shine.

Here are some family sites I turn to - with samples of my favorite pieces. Enjoy xx author of The Awakened Family. So helpful for modern parenting and general awakened living.

MomFilter is where I go for ideas when I want something a little more cosmopolitan than Baltimore can provide. It is put together by a savvy ex-editor of Condé Nast so it definitely has a NYC/LA bias, but manages to keep a solid dose of soul.  It is a great place to look and read about how other 'moms' (very loose term here - all those affiliated with raising and loving little ones) are putting it together.
No matter if you have a marriage, a partnership, are dating, are flirting, or just cooking for yourself. Keep the sacred in your passion. Keep leaning towards what divinity can mean in each interaction.

HandsFreeMama post - "The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up"

Glennon Doyle is at and well worth checking out for thoughts on family, meaning, and good resources she is into lately.
good video interface 
I am still learning and exploring the ways of the Moon and its influence. As to the new moon eclipse tomorrow, here's a thought for how to prepare from The Numinous, "You may find yourself extra sensitive during this time. This can feel overwhelming, so you may decide to slide away from all the feels like a slippery fish. Take notice if you see yourself trying to drown out emotion with any kind of compulsive behavior. Instead, can you just sit with the feelings? This is a time to “go through something” rather than “get over something.” Follow your intuition closely. Keep checking in with yourself. Let yourself be however you are. This is the essential first step of healing." 
Full piece here: