The Year of the Fire Rooster

Be still so you can move. Move so you can be still. - Pat Bailey


Dear Ones, 

2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. It's a year of energy, enthusiasm, strategy, collaboration, community and big change. As the Rooster is the first one to wake up in the morning, this year its time to get up and get with it! Streamline, be practical and down-to-earth. The motto for this year is 'keep it simple - and stay neutral' - don't let anything ruffle your feathers. 

Interestingly, the western interpretation of the Fire Rooster is the phoenix. If you value spiritual transformation, this is a year for facing your fears, accepting change, working hard and being conscientious. It's time to rise from the ashes, overcoming all obstacles and creating new beginnings. 

This month in our sequence, we get into action to detoxify, de-stagnate, stoke our inner fire. Afterwards, in the sweet light that remains in our stillness, we can connect to what is essential. We can sense what resides in our rest. You may find new decisions there, new ideas, or clarifications. Listen in your savasana for what guidance is clearer after we stand in our fire. 

Practically, what can you set aside on your schedule? What has been taking up your energy that could be removed or passed on to someone better suited? What needs to start to take up more time, become a priority? At best, find one thing to release and one thing that rewards you and could use more time or resources. By investing in what works, we can build a focus to our fire, feel its output grow.
Let me know how it goes xx

Thank you for your practice.
Much love xx