Acceptance is in the Gut

"May we remember that confusion is mostly chosen; in each moment we are tasked to choose to let more light in. More trust and more freedom. Extra listening for the wisdom." 
~ Elena Brower


Dear Ones,

A first quick note - next week I will be away at jury duty and at my father's funeral. Class substitutions are as follows:
Wednesday, August 16, 7:30pm midtown will be with Anne Oswald who will teach our August sequence.
Thursday, August 17 noon at Fells Point will be a flowing vinyasa class with Jodi Hofmann. 
I will teach my Saturday vinyasa August 19 and my Sunday morning 8-9 Kundalini August 20.
Dee Satterfield will teach Sunday night vinyasa 6:30pm
Monday August 21 Jodi H will teach again at noon at Fells Point.
Tuesday August 22 my schedule returns to normal. 
Wonderful teachers are waiting for you. Keep coming. Keep practicing. 

This month we are deep in the belly with the kriya to remove dis-ease.  To remove the dis-ease we have to call it up, to get into it, to breath it in and breathe it out. So that it doesn't become disease, and all so that remains is ease.

Cirlcing your arms this month is a means of finding your edge. You can find your edge nearly every day - at work or in your kids or in your own practice and choices. The key is once there, once it starts to get a little racy and leaving starts to sound better than staying, and closure seems preferable to living wide-hearted, can you stay open? 

Staying open to all of it initially means not closing down when we are anxious, vulnerable, or in haste. Staying open also means generating possibility.  Both of these encourage acceptance of how we are, who we are, what's going on. Staying open means not fearing we will end up empty.

Our habitual retreat from dis-ease in our lives leads to muscular tension.We can feel it when we think of the work we don't want to do, the conversation we don't want to have, the confrontation that will lead to clarity but that we just don't want to initiate. That 'knot in your belly' is hesitation to engage with what we fear, dislike, don't want, or think we can't handle. That muscular tension is a more obvious version of the accompanying subtle physical tension that pervades our soft tissue, vessels, and organs. 

So we practice charging our nervous system with dis-ease a little at a time, and handling it. A breath at a time. Staying open.

And then we roll through the abdomen, circling and pumping the navel to rid ourselves of what we've held for longer than we realized. All the soft tissue that digests everything we take in - foods, moods, memories, expectations, grief and concern - it needs to be rinsed, squeezed, flooded, freed to start from this moment vital and clear.

If you can't get to class make sure that every day you stand tall and fold over, that you turn and twist through the middle.

Our breathing grows steady as our abdomen opens. With our breath our capacity to listen and respond generously grows.
Try it now. Deep, slow, full breath right to the belly. 
Our shoulders soften, our center expands, our capacity for acceptance increases.

By moving Up into the arms and chest we physically elevate that bellyful of possibility into our heart and lungs to flood our circulation with acceptance. Boosting our immune system, building confidence in ourselves, we rid our selves of dis-ease.
(If you haven't had a chance to practice with me, you can always use the videos on youtube)

Eat well in the bounty of this late summer month. Tend yourself from the inside out. Eat things that are fresh and local and smile at the people who grew it - this is the best flavor of all.

Thank you for your practice. Thank you for your tenderness. Thank you for including me in your day.
Much love, 
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