Practicing Resonant Rest

Dear Ones,

This month we are building the navel fire of commitment and transformation. You can't have one without the other. In the physical body, when we develop a strong 'core' we can sit taller, hold ourselves upright, align our feet, hips, heart and head. This creates orderClarity in our bodies creates clarity in our  minds.The 2 minute duration of each gesture means that we add stamina and determination to simple strength.

"The person with a well-developed third chakra is usually energetic, organized, and goal-oriented with a powerful projection. With this comes a strong sense of willpower, commitment, and personal strength." - Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

The center of our bodies is our powerhouse, home of our Agni - our yogic fire. Try this:: Find a deep exhalation out the nose. Feel your belly draw back to your spine. Feel it lengthen your spine and sit you up tall. Keep going. Taller. Broader. Able. We are able to grieve, to succeed, to celebrate, to forgive. This third chakra is the home of our confidence. All month long we are activating this part of ourselves then pausing to expand it with breath. With each practice it grows brighter and larger; minute by minute, day after day. 

"Someone with an underdeveloped navel point is likely to be seen as scattered, unfocused, without the energy to manifest his thoughts into reality, and consequently frustrated or angry with life and what it has to offer." - Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

However, it isn't just the power of the action that makes this month so potent. It is the resting in between each effort. Every two minutes we pause for one minute and feel the increased circulation. We can feel the radiant expanse in that stillness that often is overlooked when we stack one effort in our schedule against the next. What emanates from us and through us is the very nectar of our own ability. We stayed with it, we moved through doubts or discouragement or distraction until the end and now can soak in our rewards with full attention. Take time. Bask in what you are capable of. Don't miss it. This in itself is transformative.

We add breath techniques at our conclusion to spread our prana/vital energy to where it has been lacking. We bathe ourselves in inner light. For and audio recording of the four-part breath we've been using at the end of class click here (scroll down to find it on the list of meditations). This breath is an effective  means of resetting at the end of a long day. Stress, hurry, concern, fatigue, can all cause us to close down the belly and those closures compromise our posture, our metabolism, our breathing, our state of mind. Keep your breath full and smooth through the belly and you will find a significant shift in your state of mind all day.

When the fire of our belly feels completely extinguished, yoga nidra is a tremendous tool for self-care and reestablishing your health and vitality. Recently I confined myself to bed each day from 1pm-8pm and did yoga nidra as soon as I lay down. It set the tone for deep healing and I was mended in no time. I recorded a version of that meditation. Click here. Whenever you feel depleted, just 15 minutes can light your fire and bring you back to your radiant, able Self.

As ever, the sequence is recorded for home use on my YouTube channel, here. And the music is always available for free on Spotify. Enjoy your practice and let me know how it's going.

Audio meditations here.

May these tools and thoughts serve you well. Upcoming events below.
Much love, Martha