Two Halves of Mastery

"Live by the heart and serve by the head. You will never regret it." - Yogi Bhajan

Dear Ones,

This month's sequence activates our upper and lower triangles to enable New Beginnings and Mastery. An understanding of the influences of these triangles can fundamentally shift how we make progress in our lives. 

You can get a sense of this metaphorical geometry by imagining yourself with hands high and wide, legs long and wide, feet flat to the floor, or hips grounded if seated. From navel to heels is the lower triangle connecting us to the ground; to our mobility, to our abilities. This is the home of our free will, as well as the long-held patterns of our lineage and ancestors. From throat to hands is the upper triangle connecting our inner Self to an outer Source. They meet at the heart, are both fueled by the heart, are both most effective when love is the motivating current through us.

These two triangles represent the intersection of forces that sustain us, whether we realize it or not. A simple example to consider could be food. We choose what we eat, how much, when and where. But once we have ingested the food, it is subject to the intrinsic knowledge of our bodies and larger chemical and physical forces of osmosis, gravity, fluid dynamics, the growth and balance of our inner biome. Over millions of years our digestive tract has arrived at its current complexity. It maintains us from the inside. We are sustained by our food far beyond our conscious choices.

We can think of every action or choice this way. We make a decision. We take an action. Make our best effort. This is the work of the lower triangle. Practical and physical and present. But then we also surrender it to forces beyond ourselves. Familiar with the practicality of details and planning that comprise a trip or a project, what if you put similar, equal effort in aligning your dreams and outcomes for your work to forces outside of you? For some of us, this is second nature. A natural offering of our efforts for blessing. For others, surrender of our latest work project or decision to Universal forces may seem hard to consider.

But we can't deny the influence of our thoughts on our outcomes. Dreading a conversation and coming it sure of its failure is likely to guarantee a bad ending. Meeting another with esteem for your collaboration and a flexibility to hear and honour their needs as well makes for a more likely success.

Our head is in the upper triangle. We need to allow guidance in our thoughts to see past the limitations of our habitual thought patterns. My training has a particular means of setting the stage, even when I am not entirely clear on the outcome I need. 

"I am ready to release the habits of mind that might block my progress."
"I am ready to move towards clarity."

My experience with this has led me to reach out when before I'd felt alone, and in conversations that followed, options opened that I'd never considered. I have found stability in uncertain moments because of a simple trust in a sensation that better solutions were just around the corner, and sure enough they were.

Integration of upper and lower triangles also balances the new age theme of manifestation. My share of vision boards and mission statements and guided dreaming have gone unanswered and left me in doubt and skeptical. I was only in the upper triangle. I was in my thoughts. And I was in the way of my thoughts. I needed something beyond me to assist me. I was ready. I was open. But I wasn't taking action. I wasn't having conversations or moving - even ever so slowly - in practical ways towards a solution. Tangible work has a momentum to it; it can be changed and influenced, it can be seen by others and collaborated on. 

From the lower triangle we take aim, shake free of old ways, take action and do our best.
From the upper triangle we radiate readiness for what we can't imagine but are ready to receive. 

This is the path to mastery this month. Come and try it out! We can put it into action, build strength and dexterity to refine your reception. Beautiful!

Much love,