The investment to change it all

Dear Ones,


Every time I pick up a book, the heart of my motivation is to find something that moves me, that teaches me, that I will remember and share out. I am seeking what will make the next step that much clearer, richer, more divine, simpler, kinder. I am looking to shape myself with what I read or see or say or know. 

I created my 100 hr training with the hope not to offer more information but to refine what we already know - me included - so that once we were done actions became more direct, better understood. To know myself better, I need to know my words and my assumptions better. The patterns of our thoughts and habits are our samskaras. Samskaras are repeated over time until we forget there is another way, until our lens is wholly formed and all we see is what we have seen before: our vasanas. Our vasana is our perception."People like that are always wrong." "I will never get ahead." "I'll never be good enough to be a teacher/parent/partner."  These are vasanas. They can be changed. 

I created my training to pause, just momentarily to use yogic philosophy and yogic movement to see ourselves more fully. To take one step back from our vasanas to see how we are seeing ourselves and remember that we have a choice - to thrive, to heal, to return. If we can do it for ourselves we can do it for our students and our families.

This training is for everyone.

There are so many tools at our fingertips right now. So many teachers illuminating ancient practices using the patterns of our breath, the shapes we make with our bodies, the sounds we repeat. Each one matters. There is so much modern research in neurochemistry, biochemistry, diet, psychology, even housekeeping. The trick is how to integrate it into a simple approach that doesn't take more time, but instead gives more time - while incorporating a means of continuing to learn. Seems miraculous if it could be.

This is the heart of what we will learn. This is the heart of building a practice or even teaching a practice. You want to know what is transformative for you, for your students. We will move, we will discuss, we will pause and write and plan. We will work as individuals and we will work together to see our shared progress and to see how others' progress can remind us of our own. 

This is what we seek, as students of life, as teachers of yoga, as teachers of life. In all our capacities, this is what matters. That we know ourselves and that we have the skills to engage in our abilities and darkness with awareness and intention.

These are cards from the Spring 2017 training. I am so grateful for their time and attention.  Graduates went on to other teacher trainings and felt exceptionally prepared. Teachers who participated returned to their classes reinspired and capapble of newly articulated classes. Parents found more time for family, and they remembered time for themselves.

I have been building off of what we did to make it even better. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Let me know if you have questions. If you have concerns. Share this email to those you know need a reset, support, inspiration.

You can read the email that welcomes all participants with the suggested book list on website.
As is an outline of what we will cover the first weekend.
To know more of my experience and studies, read here.

Looking foward to seeing you in class or training.
Much love,

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Friday 6:30-9:30pm, Saturday 12:30-8:30pm, Sunday 10-4pm
Dates: Oct 6,7,8 || Nov 3,4,5 || Dec 8,9,10