"I make, I am made."

Dear Ones,

"I make, I am made."

We sound out this mantra as we fold during our kriya this month. 
Nad yoga is the yoga of sound. It gets frequency into the places that our movement and even our breath cannot. Sounding as we fold helps to loosen the tension of our hips and hamstrings. But more importantly it is a declaration; clearing the way internally to say what we mean, to bring out what has been kept in. They release the stories that keep us from the lives we are ready and hungry to live.

Speaking up and using our voice is a way of both expressing and protecting ourselves. This month we are in the root of ourselves; in the feet, legs, pelvic floor. This is the home of our sense of safety, our sense of inclusion - our place in our Tribe. The mantra is there to remind us of our voices, to cheer ourselves on, to keep our pace steady, to ward off those who would harm us, to speak up and share out our ideas and opinions. Our voices must be used and practiced just as our muscles are. This way our voices also gain dexterity, familiarity, and power.

Our small human lives most resemble gods when we create. We create with our thoughts, with our words, with our sentiments. "HAR, HARE." "I make, I am made." Our words, said or unsaid - both equally powerful - make us who we are. Clearing our voices is as important as clearing the inner seams of our legs, building the strength at our core. As a result, we stand tall and speak clearly. 

What stories would you shake loose from your body? Consider this. Bring them to class in your mind and sound them out as we move. You may be surprised how effect this can be. Come try. Clear the way and see what can be built in its place.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Keep practicing on these unfamiliar syllables. They will see you through (and see through you).

Much love, xxx m