2019 Resolutions

Dear Ones,

This year...I am hungry to feel magical. Powerful. Feminine. Free + focused. I want to amplify the Good of me, the talents only I have - the reasons I am Here.To listen to what I'm thanked for, to lean towards the moments when time melts or stands still. To reside in moments rich with inspiration. We all have them. They are our inner instructions. Our real hunger. 

Very often, in the standing asana postures like warrior 1 or 2, we have a stance we are familiar with, a length of stride that has become habitual. But the thing is, as we practice, our abilities grow and our stance doesn't shift to match. When this happens, 1. we can't see our progress, and 2. we can't continue to deepen our work or see to grow. 

I feel a need to redefine boundaries I've assumed over the last few years. To feel my growth, notice what it's built. To feel my capabilities, and then hear what calls next.

As I've tuned into these desires/instructions recently, I have gone beyond the traditional bounds of what is typically taught in kundalini and in asana. I've broken the mould I was taught in. It has been time to explore, to create.

That means...

...No wearing only white for me just now. I need color. I need black. I need to choose for myself what each day requires. I need the outside and the inside to work together. I need to feel free enough of tradition to create what hasn't been seen yet. If you have taken to wearing white - to adding color, to shifting how you come to class in anyway - keep at it, honor it, and make it right for you. I give you permission. Explore. Dream. Show me. I will meet you there. How will you dignify your practice?

...Creating more Gatherings similar to Jan 1 - Kundalini by Candlelight. I relish the chance to use all the yoga tools I know to meet the season, the spirit, the moment with music and movement and community. The next one is A Night of Love 7:30-9:30pm at Midtown on Friday Feb 15. Such pressure on Valentine's Day to find love, woo and be wooed. Give it your all, then come the next night, just you, to release and repair the elements of deep love. Wring what is unforgiven from your body, lift and free what is heavy in your heart, and redefine what you understand as love in THIS moment so you can feed your spirit directly. I can't wait. There will be another in late spring on creativity.

To gather together, move, sound, explore, and return to ourselves. This is my goal for the year ahead. Somewhat scary, racy rather, but this means I'm standing in the right current and the Guidance will carry us.

...Making more time for rest, for stillness, for wider reading. I am thirsty to pause, to sit with new ideas. So I will honor it and let it lead me. The time is marked upon my calendar, as important as anything else, this is how it can show me the way. Make time for what matters. Don't hope for it. Don't wait for it. Carve out the space, in your room, in your day. Invite it in. This is how you become what you seek. 

...I'll be offering evenings of Dinner + A Documentary at my house. Like a field trip workshop where you can learn plant-based meals, enjoy good company, and see/discuss meaningful media. More detail will follow, as will a schedule and a menu to match. For now, know it is coming. Food matters. It is where we start. It is how we vote, for business, for the planet, for our health. You may come and just enjoy the meal, you may come and learn to cook. Each Saturday evening will be different, but you will leave wiser and fuller and able to enact your choices.

...THE RETREAT. Yes. Xinalani Yoga Retreat in Mexico is still calling. I think I was holding off because I thought, "Who am I to just go off and have an incredible week of yoga and beach and fresh air and food when there is WORK to be done?!" This past year I got caught in a  mentality of grinding forward. The retreat was so different. I didn't allow myself the possibility of being away, something new, delicious. Notice if you did that too. If you don't have a retreat of some sort on your calendar, don't wait for it to show up, you have to claim it for yourself. What do you need? Where? With whom? Oh you, take the time. We are here such a short moment, listen to what you need, and may it be so.

IF YOU'D LIKE TO COME, the deadline for April 27-May 4 registration is now March 15. Take your time. Make your plans. Come along. The next date will be October 19-26, 2019. My website has all the details. Email me if you are interested. (Blessings on Laurie and Stephanie for making it happen xx)

...Regular classes will go on as ever. We will develop as a community. Your practice will wax and wane as time/weather/work allows. I will be there through the year, grateful for each chance I get to move and breath and learn with you. Remember, you can always bring a friend for free as my guest. I am always available online; youtube, Facebook Live Mondays 7-7:30am, and Spotify. Follow me on Instagram for latest glimpses and snapshots.

And you? What are you doing differently? What are you shaking loose or claiming close? The year lies ahead, open and ready. Listen and make order so you can tell me what is on your list for 2019. 

With much love,