Dear Ones,

You are astonishing me. 
You are showing up for classes in the studio. 
You are tuning in on YouTube to practice on your own.
You are finding time for Facebook Live Monday morning practices.
Using the Spotify playlists in your homes and cars.

You are making change.
We are making change.
In your schedule. In your priorities. In what matters. In your heart.

I taught it in class today: your natural state is Greatness.
And every practice is clearing the connection between you and your natural state.
Be Great.

Me too. I am growing and you are pushing me and pulling me and encouraging and provoking and asking for what I had in mind but had held back. You are building what we do together. Together we are a state of Greatness. 
Do what you are told.
Get your certificate.
Read the books.
Take the test.
Follow the rules and THEN you will be a teacher, a doctor, a cook, a business woman, an author, an actor. There is a prescription, a playbook. I hear you. I know. There is value in this. Structure and lineage and progression. But new rules are required now.

There is a pace of evolution and urgency right now that calls us all into our Greatness. To honor everything we are taught and tried and tested, this is the left brain, the pingala energy channel, where we are ordered and diligent. This Order has been the wisdom of the Piscean Age. Hierarchy. Clarity. Structure.But Kundalini is built to prepare us for the Aquarian Age. We are now invited to explore the right brain, the ida energy channel - the home of our intuition, our innovation, our connectivity, our senses and creativity. Can you feel the call to make what is needed? To integrate disciplines and experiences? To use all you know for new service?  The time is Now.

So we integrate our minds and our lives. We take the intelligence of the mind and intertwine it with curiosity of the senses and the courage of the heart to stand tall. Now. This is our Greatness. We trust lineage. We respect the teachings. And we add our own experience to create Greatness. 
So, with my fears momentarily at bay, I will launch the December sequence tomorrow, as unorthodox a thing as I have ever made. It completely respects the energetic health of our spirits as it builds flexibility and ability in our navel and hips. But it is heresy to the laws of Kundalini yoga that say not to alter the Kriya as it is written. But I will. What I will teach is tried and tested and safe for us all to stand on, to grow from, and I am honored to be at the heart of a community that is ready to put it all together and move and learn and find our LIGHT. I have held it back, but the time is Now. 

So, as I step forward to lead you into December, what will you do to move towards your Greatness? What choice feels like constraint and fear and obligation? What feels tall and effortless, like a gift that only you can give? Go there. Keep listening. Try it out. Tell me. And I will be at the front of the room to restore you as you go. Ready? Be Great. 

See you there.
Much love xx Martha