Invitation to The Restoration

You're invited.

For the next 10 days you are what I'll be thinking of.

Even today, you dominated my mind. And yesterday.
I considered what we will share together. What we will discover.

Next Friday, at 6:30pm we will gather.
We will begin a new chapter together. 
The Restoration will begin.

Some of us will be there in person.
Some of us will wish wish wish we could be there but just can't.
Either way, I want you to get ready.

Before you come, I want you to think over the past year and send me 2-5 photos of what you consider grand successes. They don't have to mean anything to anyone else. But they are markers in your road. Signposts that changed your course. Accomplishments that started as impossibilities. Choose 2 or up to 5 and send me those photos. We will use them.

Each weekend, we will start from here. You will send me these 2-5 successes.
EVEN IF YOU CAN'T COME, send me your photos and your successes.
This will matter. It will matter to me. And to you. It will affect your weekend and ours.
You will be with us. We are in this together.

Those who reply to me by next Monday night will receive a playlist they can use as a starter kit to build their own music to fuel the week with. You can play my tunes, you can add your own. You can use it to dance to as you brush your teeth in the morning. Or as you cook your dinner or drive to work. We will start tuning in. Start attending to what we think and hear and play and how we respond and what it makes and who we become. We will blossom. We will own what's ours and find new inspiration.

So join me. This is for all of us. Start here. And I'll meet you there.
More details are at or email me your questions.

I can't wait to see your successes. Bring it on.

Until then xx m