New Year 2019

Happy 2019, Dear ones!

It has felt such a relief to turn to a new year, to start again. 2018 was thick and worthy, full of lessons. But still, a fresh page is exciting. Of course, like many, I spent time considering my resolution

Many options. One answer.


So simple.


It is under everything. It is the landscape under my thoughts and honestly, I have been lax in the use of my smile. Returning it to use has shown me its rust. Trying to use it more often feels unfamiliar sometimes. Stiff. But I can feel its influence as I use it more.

In the past ten years I have worked so hard to go from what felt deep dark to light. But the diligence to get here had a shadow, its drive left a residue. Every moment seemed driven not to slide back, to push forward. The present moment became coated in fear that I would wake lost in that dark again. Worry became a habitual state of mind. Rarely contented. I was never enough.

The worry says “I won’t find a way around this. I don’t want it to be so.” It creates fear, denial, and withdrawal.

But my smile invites me to engage. It means I am participating. It means I have an opinion, I've chosen an attitude. I'm not neutral or distracted. I am offering a response. I claim a state that has an inner safety and sufficiency. 

My smile says, “It will happen. It will all happen. The ups and the downs, gains and losses. I am here to experience it all and help as I can.”

Notice now, as you see these photos. Let them encourage you, let them invite you to your own smile. Feel it change your posture. Feel it change your breath. It starts here. Our expression is the threshold between outside and in. And by smiling I create an intentional positive, kind, interaction with what's happening. I want to live from here. My inside rising to meet the day around me with this state of mind. 

Other resolutions will come and go, goals and resolve will intertwine this year to make my efforts strong and supple. But this is different. I want this under and in everything. It isn’t that everything is good. Suffering is here. Everyday. But I am here to meet it. I am fortunate to feel, to participate, even in what hurts. This is not denial. This is full-attachment living, in love with my Whole Life.

As a result, my smile takes stamina. Determination. Subtlety. Honesty. Reflection. And it rewards me each time I remember use it. 
As I've practiced this resolution I've noticed how often I’m not smiling. So...

My Loves, please, if you catch me unsmiling, smile at me - with a wink and a nod - it will remind me to lift out of my hurried thoughts and concerns (is the class good enough? on time? prepared? good kids? good food? car full of gas and insurance? contented/supported Love at home?). Your smile will remind me to be here with you, that you are glad to be here too. And my smile will rise to meet yours and our together we will be elevated.

I am so grateful for you. Keep coming. Keep practicing. Happy New Year xx m

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