Dear Ones,

I saw these elevator doors every hour as I went in and out of the hospital last weekend. Each time I saw them they brought to mind the chant we use to start class, our Adi Mantra.

ONG NAMO - traditionally translated as 'I bow to the teachers before me who pass on these teachings.' I bow to the teachers before them, and those before them, and on and on. I also bow to the people who drove them to school, cooked their food, who made their beds, who bound their books and sold them pencils, and on and on. We are so very interconnected. 

ONG NAMO - At the hospital I bowed to the doctors and nurses, to the lab techs and anesthesiologists. I bowed to the engineers who configured the wall of instruments behind each bed in the ICU, to the people who made the batteries that ran the thermometers, to the people who stocked the latex gloves, to the innovations that kept the bed inflating on one side and then the other to prevent bed sores. How astounding. 

In the ICU it was in the open how many people and connections and ideas and efforts were caring for my mom. All the studies of each person there so they knew how to do what they do, as a team and as individuals. ONG NAMO. I bow to our interconnection, our intersection; the thread of innovation and evolution that ran through the corridors and right up to the elevator doors.

GURU DEV NAMO - I bow to everything inside of me that allows me to notice the collaboration around me, how it holds us, heals us. I bow to everything inside of me that feels the compassion that motivates cooks and seamstresses, designers and authors, translators and diplomats. I bow to my own abilities, my own stream of failures and forgivenesses that lead to the knowledge I lean on every day as I practice and teach. I bow to all that I am, compassionately, respectfully. 

In our practice we are joined together. We share the room and the movements. We are unified by this common hour of effort. And we are reassembled, renewed, restored to ourselves. We are joined back together from all the ways our busy lives can fracture our heads from our hearts. From outside to in, from top to bottom, front to back, we are joined. This is our yoga - yoking - unity - reconnection.

Each time you say this mantra as we begin, call to mind some outer aspect that brought you in to class, that supported you, that nourished you. Call to mind as well, some aspect of yourself that you've been holding back, pushing aside, neglecting. Bring it all into the room with devotion and attention. This is where we begin.

Ong Namo. Guru dev namo. Infinity and Identity. All in one. Feel it as you say it next time you come to class. See it all around you as you walk through your day. 

Namaste, I see you. I see your light.
Sat Nam, I see myself. I see my light.

Much love dear ones, much love xx m