Surya energy considerations

Dear Ones,

I got into some interesting conversations with this shirt recently. With men mostly, who were asking why it was necessary. Wasn't I already Woman-ed Up, just by being a potent woman?

Maybe so, but for me it is far more nuanced, more interesting than simply power.

Surya Kriya this month activates our solar energy, our more masculine energy. It comes from the right side 'nadi' or energy channel, and correlates to the right side of the body and the left side brain. Western science has made us aware of the cross-activation of brain and body and most of us are familiar with how the right hand will light the left hemisphere of the brain if watched in a brain scan. This left side of the brain is responsible also for our sense of logic, schedule, routine, physical structure, problem solving, and analysis. This is our solar - surya - energy.

Surya energy has dominated our society for centuries. It is the form of empires, dictators. It has created feudalism and financial markets. There is order to its power, clear and direct.  And most often, men have been in power in these social hierarchies.

Now, however, we are at a point where there is a need for a new form of thought. We need a deeper relationship to what is around us, to what lies within us. We need to understand how best to connect to one another and leverage our differences. We need solutions we have never seen before, and we need them from the people who require them. 

We need to use every capacity. We need music and community and sound and flesh. We need to reach deep into ourselves and into each other. There is no time to waste. This innovation is our lunar energy, the right hemisphere of the brain.

Too much solar energy and we become rigid and dictatorial, stuck in our own patterns of thought and in our past. Too much lunar energy and our emotions are unwieldy, our creativity becomes volatile. What is needed is the structure and the clarity of the solar to enable the lunar to be free within boundaries and direction and purpose. 

Surya Kriya of this month feels so good because of its clarity. We remove the fears and doubts which can be a sort of creativity of the emotions as they over-interpret and double back on our perceptions. I leave this practice with a powerful ability to Get It Done, to check the box, to sweep the floor and clear the table so that the flow state can move through. I am more creative because there is clarity. 

Why 'Woman Up'? Because it is time to use what we have and with it, create something new. Men and women alike are invited to access their solar and lunar qualities - their masculine and feminine tendencies - to our collective best advantage. I need you all to dig into the true passions that fill you because it is there that your contribution lies. That passion becomes power when it has businesses and roads, wi-fi and websites to hold and deliver it well. 

Let this month show us how we need both - a solar flare to clear the way, a lunar softening and wild daring to share what matters most. Use surya energy to create a channel for what you believe in. Woman Up. Use surya energy to have the strength to look and listen to what hurts in the community around you without flinching, to have the steady strength to listen to those you disagree with. Woman Up. Can you see how they go hand in hand?

Daniel Pink's recent book - A Whole New Mind - addresses exactly this and is interviewed in two worthy two podcasts, one with Oprah Winfrey and one with Tim Ferriss. I'm sure there are more if you like, but these stood out to me. He says the time is now for right-brain thinkers. That's his way of saying we all need to Woman Up. And I would agree. And I would add that to do so most effectively, we need a new relationship to the masculine we all possess to power up our inner sun and shine on.

Surya Kriya in the studio until the end of February. Come and get it done!
See you in class or online xx

Much love, Martha