Dear Ones,


Ever wanted to break a bad habit, put something new in motion, but in the moment - on the cusp of change - you found yourself falling back to the same old choices you didn't want to perpetuate? This month in class we will activate the magnetic energy of the heart center. The magnetic field of the heart center is said to be 500x stronger than that of the head. It serves to bolster our inner strength to melt habits of inertia and distraction.

We are all exposed to new ideas every day. We learn better nutrition tips, home organization, business ideas, parenting perspectives, innovations, personal products. We are learning all the time. And with that learning we are able to make new choices, to craft new lives, day by day. We can see shift is all around, but your choice for your life needs its own pattern and power rather than the momentum of its past.

Boost your personal power this month with simple, accessible movements that require wholehearted commitment one moment at at time. You will prove to yourself - you can do it. You are made for VICTORY.

I'll be teaching every day of April.
Every single one.
Join me when you can.
Initiate and substantiate your power.
This is how we heal, change, and grow.

We are made for VICTORY.
I will see you there.

Much love, Martha xx