Awakening Energy

Dear Ones,

I am just back from our gorgeous Sunday morning together.
You are so astounding!

And you are getting so much stronger! You are wholly in the room, united in your breath. Your eyes closed, and a greater familiarity with your Selves is showing. I love you so for all your light and tears and sweat.

The body makes energy for action by changing ATP to ADP. We require this energy to move, to act. We require energy to close a fist. And given that our muscles are made in pairs, we also require energy to open our fist, to uncross our arms, to slow our breath, to forgive, to open, to change.

When I’m quiet and still and aware, I find a connection and what I call The Instructions. I experience little nudges of what to read, what to see, when to rest. Through experience I know for certain that when these are disregarded I pay the price later with fatigue or an idea falls flat instead of blossoming into greater inspiration. As a result, I’ve been deep into practice toward spiritual surrender lately so that I can be available to this greater Guidance more completely. 

In yogic philosophy everything has prana. Even choices and moods. So if we want to change our mood from a low state to a higher one, we need more prana/energy than the mood has. This month we are building our capacity to summon our power. As Guru Singh says, “You have power. Get over your issues and get into your power.”

This strength to stay open when we are challenged, when the way feels blocked, when we are afraid, in despair or in grief, is mighty indeed.  I am learning that as familiar as I am with physical ability, with grit, with pushing through, it is the process of building it (showing up when I’m tired or frustrated or moody) and sticking with it is what changes my spiritual life the most.

Because, when I am tired or in despair I retreat into myself and fall into assumptions that it is up to me to fix what I’ve encountered. I feel I can’t face the conversation or the choice. When I am fatigued, I put “I” at the forefront of my thoughts. This strength you are making is enough to keep you Connected so that instead of retreat/isolate we learn to fall into the waiting arms of great inner guidance and ASK. 

Reading recently, I encountered this prayer for surrender:

Dear Inner Guide,

I need help with my judgement toward ____. I’m ready to surrender this now. I welcome in the presence of love to guide me back to truth and grace. I’m ready to release this judgement and see through the eyes of love.

Try it out. Rewrite it in words that make sense to you. I’ve written it out six times with different themes and names in that blank. I’ve tucked the notes into my pillowcase, into my wallet, into my car glove box, into my closed-eyed nighttime prayers. The magic is that my physical strength contributes to the power of this prayer, to the ability to come wide open, fierce and free, ready to feel and then listen and then continue, knowing I am not alone.

It takes strength to believe. To listen. To pray. 

This month you are unblocking the way ahead and within. You are building the tenacity to forgive, unblock, and be free of what you are ready to set down. 

Feel. Acknowledge. Know. And move on. Again and again. 

This is the practice. Come with me, loves. Keep at it.  Martha xxx