The heart of the summer

Dear Ones,

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We are in the heart of the summer. July is here. Long, bright days, with time for trips and exploration. We are off our schedules, out of routines, and it is a perfect time for new energy and intention. This month is the kriya of the heart.

For this newsletter, I'm simply sharing a fantastic few paragraphs from a book I highly recommend for any practitioner - Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza. His thoughts on the heart and its energy and magnetism are the backdrop for what you can achieve with this month's sequence. 

[My summer schedule, the fall workshop series open house dates and how to sign up for the 2020 April retreat to Mexico are at the bottom. Meet you there xx]

"Once you're in the sweet spot of the generous present moment, where all possibilities exist in the quantum field, how do you turn one or more of those potentials, those immaterial possibilities, into reality in the three-dimentional world of matter? This requires two things: a clear intention and elevated emotion. Your clear intention is exactly what it sounds like - you have to get clear on what it is you want to create, getting as specific as possible, and describe it all in detail. Make it detailed - as real as you can, because you as you make your intention clear it becomes the electrical charge you send out into the unified field around you.

Now you have to combine that intention with an elevated emotion, such as love, gratitude, inspiration, joy, excitement, awe, or wonder, to name just a few examples. You have to tap into the feeling you anticipate you will have when you manifest your intent, and then feel the emotion ahead of the experience. The elevated emotion (which carries a high energy) is the magnetic charge you are sending out into the field. And as you have read, when you combine the electric charge (your intention) with the magnetic charge (elevated emotion), you create an electromagnetic signature that is equal to your state of being.

Another way to describe these elevated emotions is to call them heartfelt emotions. Usually when we feel emotions like those I just mentioned, we notice that our heart begins to swell. That's because our energy is moving to that area, and as a result, we feel these wonderful elevated feelings that carry an intent to give, to care for, to further, to trust, to create, to connect, to feel safe, to serve, and to be thankful. Unlike the stress emotions that draw from the invisible field of energy and information that surrounds the body, these heartfelt emotions contribute to the body's energy field. In fact, the energy that I created when the heart opens makes the heart become more orderly and coherent, just like the brain, so it produces a measurable magnetic field. It's this action that connects us to the unified field. and when we marry an intention (the electric charge) with that energy (the magnetic charge), we create a new electromagnetic field. Since energy is frequency and all frequency carries information, it is that elevated energy that carries your thought or intention."

Bring these thoughts to class this month. Feel your chest and back expand and rise. Become a vessel for your elevated emotions and they will lead you into a bright reality. Proven.

Let your practice not only follow my instruction, but follow your sensations. Where it feels Right - which may be easy or may be new challenge - keep leaning into this and leaning into your Great Self. I will meet you there. 

Much love,