Invitation to The Restoration

You're invited.

For the next 10 days you are what I'll be thinking of.

Even today, you dominated my mind. And yesterday.
I considered what we will share together. What we will discover.

Next Friday, at 6:30pm we will gather.
We will begin a new chapter together. 
The Restoration will begin.

Some of us will be there in person.
Some of us will wish wish wish we could be there but just can't.
Either way, I want you to get ready.

Before you come, I want you to think over the past year and send me 2-5 photos of what you consider grand successes. They don't have to mean anything to anyone else. But they are markers in your road. Signposts that changed your course. Accomplishments that started as impossibilities. Choose 2 or up to 5 and send me those photos. We will use them.

Each weekend, we will start from here. You will send me these 2-5 successes.
EVEN IF YOU CAN'T COME, send me your photos and your successes.
This will matter. It will matter to me. And to you. It will affect your weekend and ours.
You will be with us. We are in this together.

Those who reply to me by next Monday night will receive a playlist they can use as a starter kit to build their own music to fuel the week with. You can play my tunes, you can add your own. You can use it to dance to as you brush your teeth in the morning. Or as you cook your dinner or drive to work. We will start tuning in. Start attending to what we think and hear and play and how we respond and what it makes and who we become. We will blossom. We will own what's ours and find new inspiration.

So join me. This is for all of us. Start here. And I'll meet you there.
More details are at or email me your questions.

I can't wait to see your successes. Bring it on.

Until then xx m

Let us linger...

Dear Ones,

"By lingering and listening, we shared a moment of beauty." 

I just read this today. It was in the context of lingering in an outdoor setting, lingering over a meal with friends, lingering in front of a painting in a gallery, and in that slowed moment, the author could listen differently. I copied down the phrase and carried the note with me through the afternoon, reading it again and again, wondering why it stayed with me ... 

It struck me as I sat to a quiet, solitary dinner. What I'm hungry for is to linger in my own company. Slowing down outwardly is grand and needed and helps my thoughts settle, just as the author describes. When I sit a moment, still enough to feel my breath, I start to linger inwardly, and then I hear everything differently. But finding this moment of insight has taken the past 18 days in the dogs days of summer, my kids being away, days of detox from my regular calendar, time away from digital input and output. After all that, I feel I'm almost ready to slow down. Whew. What a pace we live at.

As I read this and reflected, I realized that this is what I want to offer with every class I teach: I want there to be a trust between us; that I will hold your schedule at bay for an hour or two, I will move you effectively and efficiently - just enough to feel your strength return and release old tension, but not to the point of exhaustion. So that you can taste a sweet connection, linger in the poses, in the moment, in the stillness without force - just enough to remember all the light we are made of, and then be still and rest.

Actions like this are intended as a gift. I hold the room, the sequence, the time. I offer the music, the pace, the tone. All designed for you to linger and listen and find a moment of beauty inside of yourself.

Come see.
I'll meet you there xx

Engagement announcement

Dear Ones,

An announcement:

I'm engaged.

[But you know me. it might be different from what you expect.
Or maybe it is exactly the way it was meant to be but be couldn't seen until now...]

I am engaged. As of May 24, 2018.
I did the proposing. I knew it was someone I'd been looking for. Someone I want to be with through thick and thin. I researched the ring, the setting, the stone, the cut, the sourcing (diamond lab-built in California by a facility run on solar energy). I chose my moment. 
I proposed to me.
And I said yes.

Recently, I had realized that deep down inside of me I really wanted to be proposed to. Maybe because of reading so many fairy tales when I was little I came to assume this meant Happily Ever After. Maybe because from the fourth grade on no amount of begging or bribing could get me asked out, to the junior prom, to the prom, to the graduation ceremony. No one would ask me. In college I learned to play small, to flirt, to call them closer. I got dated. But I got it by being something for someone else instead of for me - full size; tall and vulnerable, able and flawed. 

Three formal engagements later (one which turned into marriage), I found I still longed to be Asked. I still bent my behavior towards acceptance from another, still dropped hints. I didn't want to be married - I wanted to be Asked. To be chosen.

Fortunately, the Love I've found is not to be moved by my wiles. Never has been. He loves me for who I am and laughs when I play small, when I flirt and cajole and play victim to get my way. He loves my speed and my power and my company - weeping or racing or reading. I am already accepted in his care and company. He doesn't need a ring to say so.

But I still needed it. 
I needed to accept myself.
I needed to choose myself. To love, with passion and tenderness and ease and effort, all the parts of me I'd changed to be loved by someone else.

So I found the ring.
I chose the words.
I asked.
And I accepted.

And everything changed.
In that moment, in that hour, I was more whole than I'd been since the longing for another began. I taught that day with a radiant confidence I'd chased for years.
Maybe you didn't notice it in the room but I noticed it on the inside.
I walked tall and smiled clearly and was treated differently on the street and in the grocery store.

And in that moment of acceptance the next thought, hot on the heels of my yes, was 'then what is my Love for?!' I gasped. I blinked. Had I betrayed him? If this was what I wanted and I gave it to myself, what's his role? And the in moment after that, a wave of knowing: we are free now. Free to love, to explore what we make together, without this part of me unfulfilled. We can be so much more now. 

I am engaged to myself. I am engaged with my life, with my thoughts, with my words, with the day. I am fully engaged in pursuing what makes me shine, stand tall, lead the way, help out, give back. 

Engagement is synonymous with participation, participating, taking part, sharing, partaking, involvement, association, connection.

Yoga is union, unification, reconnection, reclamation of you to that which is divine in you, to that which guides and tends and provides. 

This feels like the most natural evolution of everything I've studied and loved and experienced to date. I am engaged in the exploration of my Self. 

And you, what are you engaged in today?
What holds your attention and deserves your energy and your light?
May it serve you well. May it provide what you need. 
If you don't know, pause. Listen, tune in. Don't give up. The answer is there with you. 

Be engaged.
In all of it.
In what you choose, in who you are.
You are so worthy.

Much love,

p.s. Dear Mama, I know you are reading this with everyone else and likely the start of this email was a shock. But it's just me engaged to me, like it should've been from the start. Sorry if it freaked you out and you thought I was headed to marriage again. Thanks for keeping me company through it all. I love you.