"I started our session confused and unsure of my own path as a teacher.  It was an intimate conversation of self awareness.  I left feeling like I found my feet again and knew a path to walk on.  The entire time we talked I felt supported by Marta's love, compassion, knowledge and witty spirit.  Thank you Martha for sharing your yoga practice with me!" - SG

“What I especially appreciate about Martha is her knowledge of anatomy and how she carefully crafts sequences that allow her students to safely and gradually grow into and beyond their bodies. She is able to apply her understanding of several sources, both historical and contemporary, making for an experience that reaches the whole person. Thank you Martha, for your attention, time, and care.” - JW

“I first met Martha at the end of my Teacher Training in 2016.  I have been a devoted student of her studio and online classes for several years, and we work together privately on a monthly basis. I find my private sessions with Martha to be invaluable to me as a teacher.  I am able to address questions and concerns that are specific to the needs of the population I teach in profound and powerful ways.  Martha's expertise, experience, depth of knowledge and wisdom have been enormously helpful to me as a yoga teacher. She is an utterly incredible mentor and I am grateful beyond words.” - DN

Please reach out to me with questions about class or to schedule a private. I look forward to hearing from you!

"Martha offers her students an invitation to come home. I consistently come home to stronger length in my healing body, home to deeper ease in my shallow breath, home to softer serenity in my busy brain." - MG

"Martha's knowledge and passion for yoga is evident in every one of her words and actions.  My first private yoga session ever was with Martha.  I was nervous I wouldn't be good enough in my postures or yoga knowledge to warrant a session with her.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  The moment I walked through the door to Martha's home I immediately felt at ease and exactly where I belonged." - SD