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POWER OF PRANA | 100 Hour Yoga Alliance Training | all 4 Weekends

  • YogaWorks Federal Hill 1024 Light Street Baltimore, MD, 21230 United States (map)

Join Martha McAlpine for 100 transformational hours to explore the Power of Prana.

Prana is the vital life force that runs through all animated things ~ plants, animals, organisms. We perceive, store, and embody the Prana in our lives as ideas, memories, moods, illness and vitality. Yoga is a means of increasing our awareness of and engagement in this subtle but potent force in our lives.

Learn with me as a large group in lecture format. Practice teach and discuss in small groups. Refine your knowledge one-on-one, on your own, and if you choose through private instruction.

When you complete these four weekends you have a better understanding of how you feel on a moment by moment, mood by mood basis. You will take how you feel and align it with how you want to feel and have the tools at hand to set the state you choose - or at least the practice to move towards it day after day. As a teacher, the aim of your classes can go far beyond the physical - hip openers or arm balance classes - to offer something that truly brings transformation to your students lives. Our prana is our life’s vitality, our health, the force and outcome of our desires and actions in the world. As you experience yourself and the wisdom of this tradition, you will feel how vast and possible you can be in your life. 

Topics we will cover include:
• A re-examination of asana pose by pose and in sequences to understand its energetic effects
• An introduction to Kundalini kriya/gestures, their purposes, uses, and teaching techniques
• The physical, emotional, and spiritual role of the chakra system in terms of how to maintain our
overall well-being
• Pranayama theory and techniques both as a practice of its own as well as integrated into
posture, movement, and meditation
• Bandha, mudhra, and mantra as tools for generating a shift in perception and as a means of
• How to bring these components together to offer themed, purposed classes for yourself and
for your students

Transformation of your teaching starts with transformation of your own practice and your own choices. Unblocking and balancing Prana is not only accomplished on your mat. An exploration of your habits, patterns, and stories will actively create freedom in your life. Your students, your
relationships, your finances, your sense of your Self will all benefit.

We build the powerful teacher in you through:
• Guided self-inquiry to remove/unblock limiting beliefs
• Expanded mastery of your specific talents and interests
• Energetic self-care practices for both during teaching as well as at rest to prevent burnout
• Required daily practice tailored to you to begin to feel the potent quality of these techniques

Throughout this training we will build consistency, refine the details, and create a quality of devotion in your own practice so you can teach with familiarity and authenticity. In this way, you will build the confidence and the content to be the yoga teacher you most desire to be.

This course is designed for yoga teachers who have completed a 200 hour level teacher training and beyond. However, for motivated yoga enthusiasts, you are welcome and invited to set up an interview with Martha to see that the program and its content will suit your interests and abilities. 

• Attendance at all of the weekends
• 1 class per week with Martha
• 120 minutes total home practice per week. This can be 10 minutes AM/PM or 20 minutes total
6x per week, or 2 60 minute practices. Mediation, pranayama, and/or asana. Any variation that
has regularity and supports your schedule and needs.
• Reading and journaling through out the course duration. Details once the course begins.

If you choose you can purchase private instruction with Martha before or during the course. Time beforehand helps to define what you hope to achieve and improves what you get out of the course. Time during helps to provide insight into any struggles you may be facing, connect the course materials to your teaching more personally, and ask any private questions the training or the increase in personal practice may bring up.