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The Yoga of Parenting | PAST | Saturday session

  • YogaWorks Federal Hill 1024 Light Street Baltimore, MD, 21230 United States (map)


  • I should be a natural at parenting. I was a kid once. I love my kids. Can’t be that hard. 
  • When parenting feels stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting, I must be doing it ‘wrong’ 
  • I should know this already. I don’t need a practice or a workshop to do this. I’m fine alone. 


  • The best parents are the true beginners, good with starting over day after day to keep adapting to the lives that are evolving all around us. 
  • Fatigue is totally to be expected and planned for and embraced as a compass point to direct us to wise self-care. 
  • There is no ‘perfect’ in parenting until it suddenly feels like that - and then it passes. 
  • Conscious parenting is like a muscle to be built. Everyone is capable, but guidance and support are essential. 


Most of our initial parenting comes from our own upbringing; whether we push against it or overreact NOT to be our parents, or whether we model what we do today after our own experiences. We need to start with what we brought to the idea of being a parent even before offspring were in the picture. We make a new mental map of ourselves, of what expectations we brought to our parenting unknowingly. We unearth what triggers us and how we can shift from our habits to how we want to feel or would choose to react. 

Each weekend will have time for lecture and discussion of a topic/theory, guided writing time to work through your own reflections on how to implement the theory in your life. But we will also practice simple physical movements for you to clear your head, to reestablish your energy when needed, and guided meditations to help when quiet is the best remedy. 

We will be referring to two books in particular, The Awakened Family by Shefali Tsabary and Brainstorm by Daniel Siegel. (You don’t have to buy the books, but if you are a read-ahead-er, these are what I’d recommend. If you are a parent-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, no preparation needed. Come as you are.) Please bring a notebook.