Formal Schooling:

Waterford Kamhlaba, United World College of Southern Africa, O levels and International Baccalaureate

Princeton University, Bacchelor of Arts in Comparative Literature, certificate in European Cultural Studies

Harvard University, Masters Degree from the Graduate School of Education - created my own degree by crossing into the graduate schools of Design, Law, Divinity, Government, and the undergraduate college to explore how we create a Citizen (healthy, responsible, actualized, alive and contributing)

Basically, this is the most expensive preparatory program for yoga teacher training that one could construct. But, it gave me a profound love of the world, an ability to study deeply and truly into texts ancient and modern, and an ability to create and design meaningful learning experiences that teach through inhabitance rather than intellect alone. 


What makes me who I am - and other resources or training you may be interested in...

People and courses that have affected my work and thinking in the past 5 years or so - links to each in the title:

Handel Group year-long life coach training for wellness/yoga professionals (studied with Elena Brower)

Project Based Homeschooling masterclass with Lori Pickert (totally worthwhile for learning enthusiasts even if not homeschooling)

Charm City Yogaworks 200 Teacher Training - I returned to the basics on my 20th year of practice

Spirit Junkies Masterclass with Gabrielle Bernstein

BSchool with Marie Forleo (won a scholarship)

Seth Godin's startup school

Online and offline Kundalini studies with Kia Miller

Weekly classes on following Elena Brower, Rod Stryker, Jason Crandell, and Felicia Tomasko

Annual retreats an studies at Kripalu.

Currently participating in YogaRupa Rod Stryker's online masterclass of ParaYoga Master Training through

I am enrolled in Regena Thomashauer's "Mastery" program starting Spring 2018.


media I pay attention to

[links in the titles]


Marie Forleo:

Jason Silva: Shots of Awe

VSauce:  riffs on science


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