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Go Deep: Reassembling ourselves through focus

  • YogaWorks Midtown Preston Street Baltimore, MD USA (map)

This is how Cal Newport defines Deep Work: “Professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.” Only you can do your deep work. 

Dharma, in yogic philosophy, is the work you are here to do. It is the contribution you were created to share with the world. We know it when we feel it. We are in the ‘zone’, in the ‘flow’. There is an effortlessness and a deep, concentrated passion to what we are involved in. It can be writing, cooking, parenting, teaching, conversing. Officework, artwork, homework, housework; they all require a depth of concentration to reach into ourselves and assimilate from our knowledge and our experience a new level of perspective and possibility. Only you can do your dharma.

However, if our schedules are rushed, if we are in a state of constant multitasking, if there is deep fracture to our schedules and our time, we can’t reach this state of Deep Work and the satisfaction that goes with it. We can be living in a state of constant rupture and distraction seemingly without remedy.

Kate Northrup offers us a revolutionary approach to time management to break the pattern of constant work, living at the brink of exhaustion. We can start to listen to our own natural body/mind rhythms to establish a 24 hour cycle that nourishes instead of wearing us down. That’s what her book, “Do Less” is about; finding as much ease as possible even as we do the things that aren’t all that easy. 

Patanjali writes that our practice, our asana, our seat in the world, in our day is to be ‘sthira’ and ‘sukha’ - ‘steady’ and ‘sweet’. As yogis, are we living that way? Month to month, hour to hour. Can we bring ourselves closer to a deep connection - to yoga - at a daily level far beyond our postures?

Come explore these ideas with me.

  • We will experience it through a ladder-style vinyasa flow that repeats itself and builds a step at a time. We establish structure, consistency, and certainty even as there is a growing thread of variety and novelty

  • Through two simple breath techniques that you can do anywhere as needed you will find focus and alacrity to call on as you work

  • Our time concludes with a guided meditation and time for discussion of concrete tools that you apply to your schedule with the aim of larger blocks of time devoted to you and your best self

    When these tools are applied to your life you as sense of unrealized freedom and time is available to you. A deep, healing expression of what you are here to do and know. 

Go deep. 

It takes skill. It takes permission. It takes dedication. You have them all.

Come. Try it. There is modern magic here. 

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