Intention for the week - off the grid. Time for you. I don’t think we ‘learn yoga’ but by doing yoga we remember who we are, what we love, how we thrive. Take some time to return to yourself without work, worry, or hurry. Everything I will offer is optional. You can come to one class or none. You are welcome to tailor this week away to suit you exactly as you choose. Here is a list of starting ideas so you can consider how to use your time.


Meet each other and feel the flow of the week to come

A focus on the rudiments of the breath

Foundations in the body

Meditation 101

Sample Day

WAKE - an hour of kundalini and meditation before breakfast

GET MOVING - full asana and breath practice until lunch

EXPLORE - outward activities or inner quiet time of journaling, private instruction with Martha can be arranged, or some days coaching or group work will be available until dinner

SETTLE IN - a slow, soft yin sequence and yoga nidra to end each day for your deepest sleep

Other Activities

Reading, beach time, your own time to rest and relax.

Or arrange with the resort for classes, boats to other islands, spa treatments, and more.