POWER OF PRANA - early content from first spring training. 

The skillset you bring to the design and sequence of your classes is applicable to your life.  On the mat, the right posture after the right posture builds to a blessed architecture and outcome. Off the mat, intentional choice after choice designs a life you can inhabit fully. You are the nexus of your teaching and your life. Bring them into alignment. Unblock limiting beliefs.

With this training you will improve your classes, your relationships, your listening, your deep sense of self-acceptance and confidence.

Together we will learn the following topics through experience and practice:

- An overview of the chakra system, nadis, and ten subtle bodies

- Asana sequencing to optimize energetic outcomes

- Principles and practice/teaching techniques for pranayama, bandha, mantra, mudra, and meditation (including time to practice teaching them and direct personal feedback to improve)

- Self-inquiry tools to understand, unpack, and rewrite your 'story'

- Self-care practices to safeguard and optimize your own energetic wellbeing