Weekend Parking Schedule

We will have designated parking meter breaks. If you use the Pay-To-Park on Light Street or Cross Street or Charles Street the maximum time is three hours. Street parking is recommended. 
Friday we start at 6:30. Meters end at 8:00pm. If you come early, set your parking meter for 6:15 then go back out right before we start and set it to finish at 8. 
Saturday we start at 12:30. We will have a group parking break at 2:15 so set your meter for 2:30 and we will be sure to keep track of the time for everyone. We will have another break at 5:15. Set your meter for 5:30. At 5:15 set your meter for 6:45 just in case, and we are done.
Sunday we start at 10:00. Parking breaks at 12:30 and 2:30 and we conclude at 3 so set your meter for 3:30 just in case. 

Or you can go rogue, find your own way, walk, get a ride, ride a bike, ignore the meters. Go you. These are just suggestions so we don't get tickets, so you don't have to watch the clock, and primarily so you can settle into the material you came for, and no one gets locked out. We will count heads each time we restart after parking breaks. 

Be aware: Orioles have home games every weekend of our first weekend. Ravens home game Sunday Nov 18 at 1pm. 

Come early if you can and if you are late, don't sweat it!!  Don't let parking get you down.