FALL 2018 Dates: 4 WEEKENDS  Sept 14,15,16 || Oct 5,6,7 || Oct 26,27,28 || Nov 16,17,18

Schedule |  Friday 6:30–9:30pm | Saturday 12:30–6:30pm | Sunday 10am–3pm


Come to a sacred urban retreat that provides meaningful time for you. Learn tools to connect and communicate with yourself and your relations. Enjoy 4 weekends that leave you inspired, rested, and ready to stand by the choices you believe in.

We are interconnected. We all feel each other. Felt drained, edgy, misaligned lately? Crazy news. Busy schedule. This is the time to learn to update and enrich how we tend ourselves. To restore the collective heart we share.

These are teachings for teachers and students. Novice through advanced. All comers welcome to experience asana, kriya, breath, meditation, writing, talking, learning.

This is The Restoration.

“Martha’s teaching is sublime. I come away from practice with her emboldened and softened, both at once. I never knew what I was missing on my mat, but I knew I wanted more. Now, every class I take - no matter the teacher - I can get MY practice and this is priceless.” -EB


In The Restoration, Martha will lead you through all-level asana sequences, kundalini kriyas, and meditation practices to explore the ancient yogic traditions. We will also draw from the recent advances of neuroscience, physiology and psychology. With structured writing and group work and learn simple but powerful skills that are everyday useful at home, work, anywhere for inspired, meaningful connection. Each day of the weekends will conclude with 30 beautiful minutes of deep rest in Yoga Nidra leaving you wholly empowered.

No homework. No prerequisites.  Just you. And I can’t wait to see you.

Martha is your guide through 4 weekends of ENERGETIC EVOLUTION

Weekend 1 : Our raw feelings and emotions are translated into AWARENESS

Weekend 2 : Our awareness is given purpose and DIRECTION

Weekend 3 : Our direction becomes far more personal as we build DISCERNMENT

Weekend 4 : Our discernment enables a sense of healing, wholeness, and FREEDOM

Sept 14,15,16 || Oct 5,6,7 || Oct 26,27,28 || Nov 16,17,18

Friday 6:30-9:30 ||  Saturday 12:30-6:30 || Sunday 10-3  

Federal Hill YogaWorks Studio $350 per weekend or $1250 for all 4

For teachers, completion of all 4 weekends provides 30hrs YACE credits

“Martha’s classes inspire me. As a teacher myself I am always looking for how the old and the new meet; how our modern urban lifestyles can benefit from these age-old shapes and folds. I love how she is able to bring it all together. How the old is new, and I feel my own deep connection to what is actually ancient in my busy life and timeless in my teaching.” - NW


The training provides a framework for thinking about what you need and want. Having a set time to build the skill to note “How do I feel” and gathering tools to change how you feel, and how you interact with the world is extremely helpful. Martha’s ability to answer my questions before I ask them is astounding.
— Kate Bladow
This training that Martha has created has been life-changing in the most wonderful and liberating of ways. My practice has strengthened, the relationship I have with myself has evolved, & the relationships I have with others are also much deeper & more real. I feel I’ve tapped into something that is profound and enlightening and now there is no holding back in anything that I set out to do in this life!
— J.F.B.
Absolutely. This training was life-changing. I never thought I was equipped to begin a transformative home practice but Martha empowered me to feel like my mat is my home and the possibilities for exploring how what goes on on my mat can transform what happens at home, at work, in my relationships… It’s mind-blowing! I feel completely transformed by this experience. Martha is absolutely incredible.
— Stephanie N.
I would absolutely recommend this training to others. Martha’s gentle and informative method of teaching offers the best combination in order to get the most informative information for the individual. It is a large group of people however, Martha seems to tailor the class to each individual to the best of her ability by allowing large room for questions, providing individuals diagnostics and seeking out individuals and their inquiry. I am left yearning for more.
— P. S.