You can live from a steady inner state each day. You can connect to meaning and power each day. 

For centuries, people as busy and worried and tired and alive as you are have engaged in a daily practice to enrich their lives. There is a timeless ritual available to you. 

By starting each day with 15-20 minutes of guided movement and breath you can build a strength of mind to see things through. You know what you want or need, but habit stands in the way. This practice sets you free to act on deep desires. To repattern the patterns of your thoughts. To shift your perceptions from the every day to the inspired.

When you are balanced and fulfilled, you are a blessing to all the interactions of your day. This practice returns you to your center.

Online videos to support your practice are here. Come connect to your Self. Your True Self, your SAT NAM. Move and breathe. Be Elevated. Be provoked. Evolve.

Try it for free! Create a free login with Namastream by clicking "subscribe now" below. In the video library you will see a "Free Short Practice." That's for you to try out. If it works for you, subscribe and get a new set every month and access to the building library of past months. To add music, a playlist is posted on Spotify if you search Martha Wallace McAlpine. There you will see a playlist: FREE TRIAL. This matches the sequence. In the sequence, I tell you in the video when to press play to start video/audio together. ENJOY!

"I can't tell you how much I've loved practicing with you from all the way down here, 

sometimes with my eyes closed it feels as though I'm actually there!" C.R., Texas

Subscribe to an online practice with me that matches our Baltimore YogaWorks studio classes. Use it when you can't get to class. Use it on its own at home each day. This is your home studio, the time to yourself where you move through your body, regulate your breathing, build inner and outer strength, and connect to something beyond the every day. Each month we have new set of sequences. You can do part or all, depending on your time or energy. Each sequence generates different outcomes. Some clear our sense of inspiration. Some build creativity or confidence or courage. They are all of use and worthy. Just like you. Come practice with me and together we will make a difference.

Each month is $25*. CLICK THE BUTTON TO SUBSCRIBE. Extra details below if needed! 

*Actually, $20 goes towards the online subscription and $5 of each month goes to Nature Conservancy's Plant A Billion. In the yogic tradition,'seva' is the practice of selfless service, of karma yoga. We do work as mindful action, in a soulful way. We yoke to love, and connect to community. In this case, each time you pay for this practice you are planting 5 trees. As we practice our inner and outer worlds improve. May we embody an attitude of service in all our actions. Practice with a purpose. 


Now is the time. This body, this breath. You can find the vitality you've known or wished for.

The hunger you feel for something more is real.

Come practice. 

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Practice with a purpose.