Each Practice :: 30 min of asana | 20 min of kundalini kriya | 10 min of pranayama | 5 – 10 minutes of meditation – all created to refine your chosen state of mind. 


From my mat to yours. From my home to yours.

The Sutras tell us that when we practice 'consistently, over time, and with devotion' we can override the chatter and habits of our minds that are common obstacles to stability, peace, and even prosperity. Traditionally in Kundalini each kriya is done for 40 days in a row. This consistency helps to build our will, strengthen our bodies, and begins to have profound effects in our lives off the mat.  Each day, I choose particular movements and breathwork and silence to create a state of mind to support my day. Each day is different. My goal with these practices is to give you that same ability to cultivate a chosen and intentional state of mind and body.




This is the remedy for when you feel low, heavy-hearted, or lethargic. Simple chest openers and a quicker pace to the asana sequence prepares you for the radiant heart kriya. You will feel buoyant and bright. Capture and refine this light with a breath for stamina and power. Conclude with a Tantric meditation for expansion and consistency. 


There are times when we need to Get. It. Done. This is the practice to help with decisions, projects, actions. The asana has standing balances and forward folds. Nabhi kriya activates the navel center, the home of our ability, our confidence, our integrity. Our meditation is the kriya for the original you to end with focus and confidence.


Invoke a quality of return, centering, restoration with a mostly seated asana practice of hip openers and twists. The mostly standing kriya balances hormornes - a benefit for men and women alike. Alternate nostril breathing concludes in a guided meditation to visualize an integrated experience of expanse and homecoming at the navel center.



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