Weekend 1

March 9, 10, 11 [Friday 6:30-9:30.  Saturday 12:30-6:30.  Sunday 10-3]

BASIS - This weekend we set up the foundation for our energetic sequencing. We explore the philosophy of Tantra, Yoga, and Ayurveda to broaden our understanding of how our food, our thoughts, and our actions all create an energetic state that we can direct and enhance. We will build the rudiments of the breath, bandhas, chakras, and meditation. Each weekend we will practice one particular 30-40 minute asana sequence and one basic kundalini kriya three times. This gives us a chance to experience and explore their structures from a physical and an energetic perspective. One practice at a time we bring to life why the practice matters, the essentials of what builds a meaningful practice/sequence, and how it can be modified to serve us and our students. We clarify the ancient progression of ha-tha yoga, the movement from darkness to light, the relationship of the moon and the sun. Using this we can start to understand how to offer solar or lunar practices and reestablish the purpose of the practice.  This is the BASIS of our yoga, and our lives. 

Books and prep materials are the same for all the weekends click for details

Weekend 2

April 6, 7, 8  [Friday 6:30-9:30.  Saturday 12:30-6:30.  Sunday 10-3]

VOICE - This weekend we take our foundation and make it personal. We tune into ourselves and build self-awareness through writing and meditation and dialogue. We will continue to refine our energetic sequencing to see how we can more carefully atune our asana (postures and sequence) to our pranayama (breath) and to our meditation to arrive at a state of mind that serves our needs as fully as possible. We will add mantra as an energetic means of setting our frequency and finding/sounding our voice. Finding our voice allows us to teach classes, make decisions, and have challenging conversations - all to create optimal outcomes that empower our relations. We will get further into the details of Ayurvedic dosas and discuss food as a political and personal means of care, attention, and nourishment. We will map your desires into actions and your actions into scheduled tasks. Learn how to SET YOUR STATE. This will be a revelation to your self, your students, your family, your schedule. (Bring your calendar) 


Books and prep materials are the same for all the weekends click for details

Weekend 3

April 27, 28, 29  [Friday 6:30-9:30.  Saturday 12:30-6:30.  Sunday 10-3]

This weekend we  will discuss the ParaYoga framework of energetic asana sequencing through the major energetic currents/vayus of the body. We will understand how the chakras interact with our physiology, how the breath interacts with the mind. As with each weekend we will practice one fundamental asana sequence, a breath technique, a kriya, and a meditation three times with a chance to discuss it and understand from multiple angles. Learn that the same principles we use to craft skillful classes and sequencing are the same principles we use to build our calendar, to build our habits, our family structures. And at the same time, see how malleable they are - tap into your power. Yoga is our relationship with our mind. Tantra is our relationship with our power. We have the ability to use our bodies and our breath to tap into our power and give it direction. Our power governs the art of our lives - the art of making and saving money, the art of parenting, the art of our work, the art of travel. When we are connected to the heart of our hearts, when we have come to touch the quiet of our minds instead of ride the ups and downs of its chatter, we can direct and redirect until we find the path of our lives. 


Books and prep materials are the same for all the weekends click for details

Weekend 4

Dec 8,9,10 [Friday 6:30-9:30.  Saturday 12:30-6:30.  Sunday 10-3]

SANCTUARY – This weekend will help us see how yoga can hold the space around us with light and love, even through our daily stresses. How to we keep what is sacred to us alive and flourishing in our workplace, in our schedules? How do we stay healthy as the seasons change? How not to absorb the negative energies around us as we continue to build and fine-tune what serves us best? How to call in the sacred, the light, the divinity of all things so that all actions can be blessings? Learning to inhabit all the tools we have covered in earlier weekends integrated into our lives - this is our work this final weekend. We will review one more asana sequence, kriya, breath technique, and meditation to experience the chakras as major energetic channels, mantra as a means of setting our frequency, and the possibility of freedom in our thoughts as the primary aim of yoga. 

When you complete these four weekends you have a better understanding of how you feel on a moment by moment, mood by mood basis. You will take how you feel and align it with how you want to feel and have the tools at hand to set the state you choose - or at least the practice to move towards it day after day. As a teacher, the aim of your classes can go far beyond the physical - hip openers or arm balance classes - to offer something that truly brings transformation to your students lives. Our prana is our life’s vitality, our health, the force and outcome of our desires and actions in the world. As you experience yourself and the wisdom of this tradition, you will feel how vast and possible you can be in your life. 


Books and prep materials are the same for all the weekends click for details