My videos of each monthly sequence are free on YouTube. My matching playlists are available on Spotify.

As a sample, here are the videos that matched our June 2016 Kundalini class. 

This is the Basic Spinal Series. At just 15 minutes, it is a great way of starting your day each morning. We often use this sequence to warm up before a longer kriya in class. It moves from the base of the spine up to the crown and serves to shift our thoughts from gross, physical, practical world to the subtle, more inspired thoughts of guidance and reverence to bless our days. 

You need no music at all if you like. Or you can sign in to Spotify (setting up an account is free but has ads occasionally, or $10/month for ad-free). Search for marthamcalpine and the playlist I refer to is JUNE2016. We start the sequence from the song "AUM". I'll tell you when to start in the video.


New Beginnings and Mastery is a 35 minute practice that can stand alone or follow the warm up of the Basic Spinal Series above. On the JUNE2016 playlist, we will start at the track "Everything." We will finish in savasana, resting flat on the back. Take as much time as you like at the conclusion of the practice, rolling up to a seat when you are ready. Enjoy!