weekend 1.



Friday 6:30-9:30pm

Friday we arrive. Begin. Meet each other. Find out why we came. We will practice and align to the work ahead. Bring your mat and journal. Bring your  reading books if you choose, but those will be most useful on Saturday and Sunday, especially Guru Prem, The Sutras, and The Kundalini Experience. Best Self Journal and notebook is required every day.

We will get acquainted with our breath, quietly and fully, to see and feel how it embodies our thoughts. The inhale, the exhale, the bottom middle and top. How vast we are. And from there, to direct our breath to create a state of mind that is quiet and full and wholly our own refuge.

We will begin to explore the role of the spine, in breath and in perception. 


Saturday 12:30-8:30pm

Martha will teach her 9:30-11am vinyasa class. You are always welcome!

Saturday we will cover the foundation of the yoga practice, philosophically and physically. We will each begin to build our own manuals from notes and lecture and reflection. Kriya and asana will be practiced and discussed as to what they call up out of us, how they create flow or opening or shift. Always we will look to make the information personal, internal. We will journal and listen and discuss. You will leave a better, wiser student, teacher, parent, partner, self.

Bring your own food. There will we breaks as needed.


Sunday 10am-4pm

Martha will teach her Sunday kundalini class 8-9am. You are always welcome!

Sunday is a time to connect to your own practice. To determine what matters to you and clear the way to get it to you as needed. We will practice asana and kriya and pranayama to reinforce what we have learned so far, but we will leave at 4 pm refreshed rather than spent, supported and ready to explore our own practices in the weeks until our next time together.