weekend 2.



Friday 6:30-9:30pm

Our focus here is IDENTITY. How to make your practice truly yours. How to teach with intention and skill to a particular outcome beyond the physical body.

Yoga is a means of arriving at yoga. It is composed of tools and techniques to bring us to a state of connection and intimacy with ourselves and our divinity - our great Self: our Sat Nam.

Basics of yoga's sister science, Ayurveda, will help us to shape your practice to suit the season, the news, the weather, your health, your needs. This means that we take into account where we are coming from, where we are now, and where we are trying to go to re-establish our centered self and effective health.

If we set our STATE we create a better STORY, and from there the optimal STRATEGY.

We will continue to build our own manuals. I will give you handouts for the weekend and you will assemble and add to them in your own way, keeping what is relevant, accentuating what you want to make your own.

We will continue the development of the components of energetic sequencing that we set out in weekend 1. 

We will continue to explore the chakras and learn new pranayama / breath patterns to use to refine and retune our thoughts. The basics of the Basic Spinal Kriya will be covered and then taught by students.

We will consider the energetics of backhanding and twisting ASANA and explore Guru Prem's Divine Alignment kriya to open the wings.

We will write: from brainstorming through art into actions and all the way into our calendars. This is a practical means of crafting a life we love and enabling ourselves to flourish.  

We will identify what is most essential to this true Self of ours and how to cultivate and foster our inner state of yoga.




Saturday 12:30-8:30pm

Martha will teach her 9:30-11am vinyasa class. You are always welcome!


Bring your own food. There will we breaks as needed.


Sunday 10am-4pm

Martha will teach her Sunday kundalini class 8-9am. You are always welcome!