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Rather than the poses that we hold and explore in vinyasa and hatha classes, in Kundalini we maintain a gesture over time - 1, 3, 6 minutes at a time. These gestures are known as kriyas: movements infused with intelligence. As we maintain the kriyas, we receive their intelligence.  Physiologically we use our bodies in safe and innovative ways to increase our heart rate, build strength, and ease habitual tension. Each movement increases circulation of blood, breath, and energy to and from specific areas. Energy flows through the body via nadis, or energetic channels, and where those nadis intersect are chakras. The 7 chakras follow the line of the spine through the body from the seat to the crown. Each chakra is associated with a central aspect of our lives. As we activate the physical body, we activate our circulation; affecting our chakras and activating our lives. 


Vinyasa is the skillful placement of one thing after another to shift our perception from the mundane to the sacred. The movement of the body is directed through the course of the class to open the muscles and joints; each opening supports the next. As the body opens, the breath deepens. Ease in the breath settles the mind, and in that quiet we can begin to touch an intimacy with ourselves ~ with our own divinity. Class consists of traditional hatha yoga postures linked one to another; challenging, strengthening, and ultimately restorative. 


Martha listens. She listens to the sound and the silence. To the explicit as well as implicit. She is flexible and willing in her instruction and guidance. She is able to take what she hears and sees to make a productively personalized experience for you.
— JW

How can I serve you?

I have been hired privately for - graduation gifts - wedding parties - birthday gifts - preparation for birth, triathlon, new job, new divorce, before and after surgery - midlife slump- corporate team building - corporate gym offering - personal coaching - developing and renewing a teaching practice - what do you need? What area of your life can we work to awaken and to heal?

We will use combinations of modern tools and ancient traditions to help develop your personal practice and elevate your life.