We are headed toward the Spring Power of Prana training. And yes, you can start to prepare if you are hungry and ready. And also yes, it's totally ok not to do anything but show up at 6:30 on March 9th. Welcome!

My goal with this training is not to add to your life (which may already feel at capacity) but to refine what you do, how you think, and how you approach your day so that fulfillment and a life built of your choices feels easier and more attainable.

That means that instead of a long booklist, we have only 4 and none are compulsory. They are gifts. They are the fewest I could offer from the many that have informed me up to this point. They are what I think will benefit you most if you are interested in the practice I offer and I will draw on them during the training. 
(Each title is hyperlinked for easy purchase.)

Most importantly - buy a notebook. I tend to get 8.5"x11" I want space to write and draw and easy to see and explore. You can get what you like. I recommend Fabrianno (link here to Amazon as an example). You will be creating your own manual as we move through the training. Each weekend you will receive printouts to cut and paste into your notebooks - headers, poems, prompts. This will be what you keep and refer to most after the training. 

Divine Alignment by Guru Prem, for energetic and postural alignment, for breath techniques, bandhas, mantras, and kundalini philosophy and kriya
    "Physical yoga practice is designed to promote energy flow in all of the energy channels of the body, but it is most concerned with the energy channels that flow along the spine. Divine alignment is about working in harmony with the with the design of the body. It encourages the maximum utilization of the major joints in the body, the shoulders and hips, so that the spine can remain as much in alignment when it is bending forward or backward as when it is held erect."

The Secret of the Yoga Sutra: Samadhi Pada, by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD for a fantastic, modern commentary on the Sutras. Our busy, urban lives are absolutely served by these writings to help us slow down, shed our inner critic, and return to the pure awareness that is the home of our Self. 
    "The Yoga Sutra is a manual for experience in our intrinsic divinity and becoming firmly established in it. The text opens with an indisputable truth: practice is the key to success, for practice leads to a direct experience of our inherent grandeur. How successful we will be in our practice depends on the quality of our mind. A clear, one-pointed, and confident mind will accelerate our quest and enable us to fulfill life's purpose; a confused and self-doubting mind will block and subvert this purpose." 
    "The message of Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra is simple and straightforward: Remove the veil of darkness and allow your intrinsic luminosity to illuminate both your inner and outer worlds. Be free here and now, and experience your everlasting, self-luminous joy. The goal of Yoga is nothing less than that."

+ Prayers of Honoring, by Pixie Lighthorse are writings that never fail to bring me back to what is sacred, to what I have forgotten in my haste. Organized by the seasons, P.Lighthorse always seems to offer just the right words at the moment I need them most. 
    "Thank you for this bright day. Thank you for putting out the call to come home to you."
    "Let illuminated occurrences, brief seeings and believings, be a map to our self-knowledge and self -trust as well as reflective of our faith in your magic. Show us everything which is beautiful and also help us to appreciate that which is furthest from beautiful for the lessons which accompany it. Let nothing be lost on us. Make us your sensitive trackers, seeking truth and finding it tucked away in the unexpected."

The Kundalini Yoga Experience: Bringing Body,  Mind, and Spirit Together, by Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa is a direct and simple exploration of the 10 subtle bodies and the chakra system of kundalini. A resource for warm-ups, kriya, and meditations.

You are welcome to read through any or all of the books on this list. They will be our guides and our resources, but I am not expecting that you have any mastery of their material by the time we begin.

Best Self Journal. A 13-week tactical guide that we will use to direct our aspirations and our energy. I will explain it in detail during the first weekend. From there you will begin to use it on the Monday after we start, October 9. This will be the coherence and the thread that holds our training weekends to our worlds. The Best Self Journal will take you to January 1, 2018 with more momentum and clarity than you could imagine. Order it and have it on hand for the first weekend. 

If you can't get hold of it due to back order and they recommend the graduate edition, it is the same but without the introduction pages in the front.


The course requires a commitment to a daily home practice.

I will help you design your own personal practice.  

This is your source and your best teacher. Don't miss it!

"You have power. Get over your issues and get into your power." - Guru Singh

We will meet Fridays 6:30-9:30pm, Saturdays 12:30-6:30pm, Sundays 10-3pm during March 9, 10, 11 | April 6, 7, 8 | April 27, 28, 29  &  May 18, 19, 20 at the YogaWorks Federal Hill Studio.

Coming emails will have practical details such as logistics, timing, food, parking, etc. All of our communications will also be posted on my website in case you lose the email or can't access it.

For now, start to set aside a time in the morning and in the evening where you can 'practice.' This can be movement, stillness, reading, writing, tea-sipping. Up to you. But it is an intentional pause in the momentum of your day. Start to find consistency so we can put it to use during the training. 

Not everyone on this mailing list is signed up and confirmed in the training, but if you aren't and this inspires you, get registered!  You gave me your email address because you were interested and now's the time to jump in.

I am terrifically keen to see you. To spend time with you. To shape and explore the powerful prana of your day, your classes, your choices. Please reach out to me and let me know if you have questions or concerns. There are no exams. No tests. This is for you. To live and love better. Come towards it.

With much love,