UP NEXT  | WINTER 2019  8 SATURDAYS Dates to be announced

Hours |   Saturday 12:00–3:00pm

You love yoga! And you want to deepen your knowledge of it. You want to feel it in everything you do.

From the Introduction: “If you are reading this, you likely have an incurable case of wanderlust. I do. The dictionary describes ‘wanderlust’ as an innate desire to travel. This yearning to explore and understand the world beats restlessly in our hearts. Far-flung adventures are the passionate fancy of many a daydream, and, sometimes, they happen.

Inextricably connected to this craving is the longing to know and actualize our true and best self. Alongside our physical exploration, we are also spiritual seekers – searching for a happy, enlightened, and purpose-driven life. Our geographic pilgrimage is mirrored by an inner journey.

The intention of this book is to provide guidance along your trek. We chose Wanderlust’s principle image, a compass, with a clear purpose. Wanderlust is a base camp for ideas and practices from master teachers, provocative thinkers, mind/body experts, cutting-edge artists, and conscious business leaders that set the coordinates for your journey. And the hope is for you to discover gems of wisdom and inspiration to help navigate life’s challenges and cultivate your own best self – to find your true north.”

~ Jeff Krasno, author and cofounder of WANDERLUST international yoga festivals

Come and join us! It's a stay-cation, bringing the wonder and wisdom of WANDERLUST to you, right here in Baltimore.

WINTER WANDERLUST BOOK CLUB 2019  |  8 SATURDAYS  Dates to be announced

Hours |   Saturday 12:00–3:00pm

Cost  |  $350  for all 8 Saturdays or $60/workshop   Register at YogaWorks Baltimore or call   800.336.9642

Location  |  YogaWorks Federal Hill  1024 Light Street  Baltimore, MD 21230   


Each week includes LECTURE from the topics of the chapter, ASANA from the sequence in the chapter, DISCUSSION from the participants as to how these ancient topics play out in our modern day-to-day lives, cumulative INSTRUCTION on how to build and maintain a breath and meditation practice.


Week 1  ||  Chapter 1   find your practice ::  A call to action • The sound of OM • The 8 limbs of yoga • Sun salutations • Meditation primer • Know why you practice • Freeform  journaling

Week 2  ||  Chapter 2   find your direction ::  Check your compass • Choose your path • The 5 Koshas • Vedas and Upanishads • The 4 Margas • Saluting yoga lineage • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali • How to find your teacher • Pranayama 101 • Modern view of Hindu deities • 5 principles for Manifesting • vision board

Week 3  ||  Chapter 3   find your core ::  Set your compass • The power of words • The architecture of • Sujok acupressure • Climb through fear • Chakra system 101 • Stories of ‘I can / I can’t’ journaling

Week 4  ||  Chapter 4   find your heart :: Navigating grief • Role of gratitude • Self-love meditation • Mantra as a tool for inner strength • Work with mantra • Bhakti yoga • Practice of the Lotus Heart meditation • Gratitude lists journaling

Week 5  ||  Chapter 5   find your community ::  Kula as intentional community • Building community • ‘Neighborliness’ • Seva = selfless service • How to serve • Farm to yoga • The body politic • Music as community • Dharma as service

Week 6  ||  Chapter 6   find your creative spark ::  Just do it • Open-mind consciousness • Haiku power • Free your wild self • Dance now • Acts of play • Design your day journaling • Saraswati: Goddess of the arts • Yoga and chocolate • Yoga sequencing • Self-portraits

Week 7  ||  Chapter 7   find your center ::  Qi Gong the 3 treasures • Belly wisdom/Gut instinct • Building an altar • Stress rehab to balance your cortisol • Bandhas • Life mandala journaling

Week 8  ||  Chapter 8   find your true north ::  What is true north? • Facing your death • Purpose in action • Knowing your story • the path of the teacher • Surrender as willingness • Mindful leadership • Meditation on your purpose • Making peace with the end • Legacy journaling



Beginners looking to establish a strong foundation  of where yoga came from and what it can be in our lives. STEADY PRACTITIONERS who have known yoga mainly through their asana, postures on their mats, and are looking for the transformation in their lives that they have experienced in their bodies. And for ADVANCED students and TEACHERS it is a chance to remember the breadth of the role yoga can play in student lives so they are bringing that fullness into their offerings and into their own lives. 

This course serves to accompany you into any yoga practice you choose - from active asana to the stillness of meditation. Knowing its sources, hearing from leading teachers, understanding how its principles can affect your choices, your food, your relationships with loves, neighbors, and leaders makes your life more meaningful. Stepping onto your mat in the studio is just the beginning.  Here’s to the long road forward ~


Bring your WANDERLUST book, a pen, a yoga mat, and a sense of open curiosity. 


Each week includes LECTURE from the topics of the chapter, ASANA from the sequence in the chapter, DISCUSSION from the participants as to how these ancient topics play out in our modern day-to-day lives, guided JOURNALING, and cumulative INSTRUCTION on how to build and maintain a home breath and meditation practice. 



You can attend all 8 SaturdayWorkshops for $350. Or, you can purchase and attend just one, or pick and choose. Each individual workshop is $60. 



They are located in the Federal Hill YogaWorks Studios at 1024 Light St. 

To register for individual weekends, click here and follow the links to the Saturday of your choice, or choose all 8!

Move. Breathe. Sit. Write. Discuss.